UNDP supports the Republic of Moldova in reporting on UN Convention against Corruption

Apr 10, 2013

National Anticorruption Centre (NAC) launched a self-assessment of the achievements in the area of anti-corruption after Moldova joined the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) in 2007. The self-assessment consists of an analysis of the compliance of Moldova’s national anti-corruption legislation, systems, policies, and institutions with UNCAC requirements. Various stakeholders such as Ministries of Justice, Finance, Internal Affairs, Customs Service, Parliament, as well as representatives of civil society and private sector will be involved in this exercise.

A first meeting which brought together stakeholder groups was organized to discuss the goal and methodology of this exercise. The anticorruption self-assessment will focus on the three UNCAC main areas: prevention –Chapter II, criminalization and law enforcement - Chapter III and international cooperation - Chapter IV.

UNDP supports the exercise with technical assistance and international expertize.

The anticorruption self-assessment will finalize in six months with a comprehensive report containing a set of findings and recommendations for the Republic of Moldovan in order to eliminate the identified gaps and bring its anti-corruption policies in line with the international standards and norms. The findings will be also used by the NAC for the elaboration of the National Anticorruption Strategy Action Plan for 2014 - 2015.

Contact Information

Alla Skvortova, Governance, Justice and Human Rights Portfolio Manager, alla.skvortova@undp.org, tel. (+373 22)  269 136

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