United Nations and Romania will help improve the statistics of the Republic of Moldova

Feb 21, 2013

A new project on “Improvement of availability and reliability of regional statistics for decision-makers of the Republic of Moldova”, funded by the Government of Romania, and implemented by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), was launched today in Chisinau.

With a total budget of 183,000 Euro, the project will fill in the existing gaps regarding the availability, relevance and accuracy of the statistical data at regional and local level. This will help the Government of Moldova and its international partners to better identify the disadvantaged areas of the country, to understand more deeply the nature of problems faced by communities, to undertake development actions and to measure the impact of the local development policies.

“Public authorities will have more complete and more reliable regional statistical data, which is extremely important for the planning process and for ensuring a sustainable regional development”, said Oleg Cara, deputy general director of the National Bureau of Statistics. “We will use the best European practices to strengthen the national institutions’ capacities to produce qualitative data on the country’s regional development”, said Oleg Cara.

The project will help improve the socio-economic indicators at the sub-national level and the calculation methodologies, as well as foster a better use of the administrative and statistical information sources to produce data for the efficient functioning of the local public authorities and Regional Development Agencies. Furthermore, a special attention will be given to the harmonization with the EU standards on regional sub-division and requirements of the Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics (NUTS), which will facilitate the comparability of the Republic of Moldova with the EU-27 and the country’s eligibility to access European funds. Another component of the project envisages the methodological review of the Small Area Deprivation Index which is one of the key tools to monitor and evaluate the implementation of regional development policies.

“As an EU member-state, Romania has extensive experience in harmonization with European standards”, said Marius Lazurca, Ambassador of Romania to the Republic of Moldova. “The National Institute of Statistics of Romania is a key partner in this project which will provide the necessary assistance and facilitate the exchange of experience with specialized institutions from Romania”, said Ambassador Lazurca.

“A comprehensive and systematic analysis, based on data, helps national actors and their international partners to know better the problems that exist at regional and local levels”, said Nicola Harrington-Buhay, UN Resident Coordinator in Moldova. “Having this information, we can better target our assistance to the communities and people who need our help the most”, said Ms. Harrington-Buhay.

The project “Improvement of availability and reliability of regional statistics for decision-makers of the Republic of Moldova” is part of the UN Joint Programme “Strengthening the National Statistical System”, implemented by National Bureau of Statistics in collaboration with the State Chancellery, Minister of Regional Development and Constructions, Ministry of Economy and the UN Agencies – UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, ILO and UN Women.

Contact information

Aurelia Spataru, Project Manager, aurelia.spataru@undp.org, Tel. (+373 22) 403 142

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