Amid the winter, the hope of people in Medveja for a better life is coming true

Dec 17, 2012

At least 100 people will be able to earn extra income and the village budget will increase with 10 thousand lei each year while the villagers will have equipped places to sell their goods. These were the calculations that determined the people of Medveja village, Briceni district, to include the creation of a market to sell their goods on the top of the priorities of their community. With the support of the Joint Integrated Local Development Programme, this priority was fulfilled. The inhabitants of Medveja, as well as of the neighboring communities, have celebrated this success by officially launching the market.

Until now, almost 700 persons, including those from the nearby villages, have been selling their goods once a week in Medveja . However, in Medveja there were no specially equipped places and the quality of food, agricultural and industrial products was not checked. “From now on, we will have better conditions to sell our goods; we will be able to ensure better quality and to protect the environment. Wastes bins have been installed and the entire territory of the market will be regularly cleaned”,  mayor Anatol Ostafii said. “In addition, we will be able to charge a small fee for the usage of the selling facilities, which will bring additional income to our local budget”.

Apart from the construction of the market, at the community’s initiative and with the financial support of the Joint Integrated Local Development Programme, the market territory was fenced and covered with gravel, access paths for the visitors, including for people with disabilities , and parking lots were created. The villagers are confident now that this project will generate other positive changes in the village. “We hope that the new market will not only change the image of our village, but will also attract other sources of income”, the villagers said. Moreover, they believe that Medveja village can inspire through this example other communities.

Like other 100 target localities of the Joint Integrated Local Development Programme (JILDP), Medveja village benefited from the assistance of JILDP in the process of community mobilization and development of the socio-economic development strategy with human rights and gender equality at the core of the strategy. This approach envisages the participation of all community members in the process of identification of local priorities and in ensuring equal benefits for all community members and vulnerable groups as a result of local development. “Local public authorities became aware of the importance of including vulnerable groups in the development process. Thus, several local markets, called “Europe” by the villagers, were specially equipped for them. In addition, the needs of religious minorities, who cannot come to the market on Saturdays, were taken into account. Namely for this reason, the market will also work on Thursdays”, Olesea Cruc, Manager in JILDP, said.

The Joint Integrated Local Development Programme is implemented by the Government of Moldova with the assistance the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women), with the financial support of the Government of Sweden. Programme aims to bring equal benefits as a result of decentralization and local development including to the vulnerable groups.

Contact informationNatalia Costaş, Communication Officer, JILDP, Tel:(+ 373 22) 69221141, E mail:

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