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  • 01 May 2015
    Development partners of Moldova discuss policy recommendations and government action plans in a retreat with the prime minister and the cabinet

    Development partners of Moldova engaged today, 1 May 2015, in a full-day policy retreat with the Prime Minister of Moldova Chiril Gaburici and the Cabinet. The retreat provided an opportunity to discuss key development challenges and policy recommendations presented by the development partners in their Briefing Book, and the Government’s specific action plans.

  • 28 Apr 2015
    Moldova Energy and Biomass Project has been introduced to the Energy Community at a Reunion held in Vienna

    The Energy and Biomass Project has been introduced today to the European Energy Community as a Model Project aimed at promoting and accessing the renewable energy sources, being funded by the European Union. The Project presentation takes place at a Reunion devoted to the promotion of renewable energy organised by the Energy Community Secretariat in Vienna on April 27-29th, 2015.

  • 27 Apr 2015
    Higher employment chances in Comrat, due to the new SYSLAB Centre

    The fifth Career Development Centre, that will train qualified unemployed people, returning emigrants and graduates to get a job in Moldova, was launched today in Comrat, in the framework of the “Innovative entrepreneurship for sustainable employment” project implemented by the United National Development Programme in Moldova (UNDP) with the support of the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Moldova.

  • 27 Apr 2015
    Mayors from Republic of Moldova and Romania advocate for more women in local public administration

    200 women and men – mayors from the Republic of Moldova and Romania exchanged experiences on good practices in local development and provision of qualitative public services during the Moldovan-Romanian Conference of Women – Mayors, entitled “Local Development via Fair Participation”held in Chisinau.

  • 22 Apr 2015
    More than 15 thousand residents of Sîngerei district will benefit from cheaper and more accessible services

    Mayors of six neighbouring villages from Sîngerei district joined their efforts with a view to jointly solve local housing problems. The launch event of the inter-community enterprise „Servcom-Chișcăreni” was attended by officials and citizens from partnering localities, who conveyed the same message „Cheaper. Cleaner. Now in my village, too”.

  • 12 Apr 2015
    Inhabitants of three villages in Ştefan Vodă district enjoy street illumination

    Inhabitants of three localities in Ştefan Vodă district celebrated the street illumination service kick-off under the event “Dance of light”. On Easter day, 200 LEDs simultaneously turned on in villages Popeasca, Ermoclia and Feşteliţa, Ştefan Vodă district, due to the creation of a specialised enterprise for the first time in the country.

  • 09 Apr 2015
    The competition to select districts where to establish Public-Private Partnerships for bioenergy supply has been launched

    The Energy and Biomass Project, funded by the EU, calls the Districts of the Republic of Moldova to embark on the competition aimed at launching Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) to provide bioenergy services. Based on such models, business operators will be responsible for managing the bioenergy heating plants, supplying quality biofuel and hiring/remunerating the plant operators, while the local authorities will pay just the cost of the generated Gcal.

  • 08 Apr 2015
    Entrepreneurs from 20 villages received grants of over 100 thousand USD to develop their business

    Entrepreneurs from 20 villages received grant certificates for developing businesses in rural area within an official ceremony in Carpineni, Hincesti. The event also included an exhibition of their products, under the title „Homemade business”.

  • 07 Apr 2015
    First model for supplying bioenergy to public institutions by a business operator implemented in Leova district

    Leova is the only District in the Republic of Moldova where bioenergy is supplied by a business operator. This is the outcome of a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) pilot-model providing integrated bioenergy services, which was agreed by Leova District Council and “Green Farm” SRL in 2014. The private partner was designated following a tender conducted by the local public authorities. The PPP pilot-model was implemented upon the EU-UNDP Energy and Biomass Project-1 initiative.

  • 01 Apr 2015
    ESCO Moldova project has been launched today

    The Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Moldova with the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) launched today “ESCO Moldova Project - Transforming the market for Urban Energy Efficiency in Moldova by introducing Energy Service Companies”. The project objective is to create a functioning, sustainable and effective ESCO market in Moldova by converting existing energy service provider companies into ESCO companies (Energy Service Companies), as the basis for scaling up mitigation efforts in the whole municipal building sector in Moldova, leading to CO2 emission reductions by implementing energy performance contracts.

  • 31 Mar 2015
    The new UN Resident Coordinator discussed development priorities with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova

    Ms. Dafina Gercheva, the newly appointed Resident Coordinator of the United Nations (UN) and Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the Republic of Moldova met today with Mr. Chiril Gaburici, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova.

  • 25 Mar 2015
    SYSLAB Career Development Centre in Cahul presented its results during the Open Doors Day

    Today, SYSLAB Career Development Centre in Cahul hosted numerous guests, all eager to find out, during its Open Doors Day, about its activity and results.

  • 24 Mar 2015
    Unemployed from the North Region of the country will benefit from the services of the new Career Development Centre

    One more Career Development Centre that will train qualified unemployed people, Moldovan emigrants who returned to the country and graduates to get a job in the Republic of Moldova, was launched today in the Balti municipality in the framework of the “Innovative entrepreneurship for sustainable employment” Project, implemented by the United National Development Programme in Moldova (UNDP) with the support of SYSLAB International and the Ministry of External Affairs of Norway.

  • 18 Mar 2015
    Juveniles in detention will benefit from better conditions for vocational training and re-socialization

    Juvenile inmates at Goian Prison will benefit from better conditions for vocational training programs aimed at increasing the rate of successful reintegration of ex-detainees into society. Today marked the opening of newly renovated workshop rooms in the Goian Prison, which will be used to train future cobblers, cooks, auto fitters/mechanics, and hairdressers, as well as for other occupational therapy activities such as pottery, photography and carpentry.

  • 03 Mar 2015
    The EU financed Energy and Biomass Project II has been launched

    ”80 modern biomass heating plants coupled with 21 solar collectors installed in schools, kindergartens, and community centres; 300 biomass-fired boilers provided at subsidised prices to households and microenterprises; seven public-private partnerships set to supply bioenergy” – these are just some of the expected results of the Energy and Biomass Project II launched today at a public event conducted in the school in Varnita village, Anenii Noi District, which is one of the 144 beneficiary institutions of the Project first phase (2011-2014).

  • 02 Mar 2015
    Cihan Sultanoglu: UNDP will further support Moldova to ensure sustainable development for all

    The Director of the UNDP Regional Bureau for Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, Cihan Sultanoglu, was on an official visit to Moldova during February 25-27, to participate at the Final high-level meeting of the Dialogue on strengthening capacities and institutions for the implementation of the post-2015 development Agenda. Cihan Sultanoglu used this occasion to also visit several UNDP projects in rural communities and hold a number of meetings with Moldovan Parliament and Government representatives.

  • 27 Feb 2015
    Strengthened Capacities, Effective Institutions critical for successful implementation of post-2015 development agenda

    The Global Dialogue on strengthening capacities and building effective institutions concludes with call to bolster more effective and responsive governance to achieve SDGs. The Republic of Moldova and the Federal Republic of Germany hosted a two day high-level meeting in Chisinau, Moldova to discuss ways and means of upgrading capacities of institutions to achieve the proposed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • 17 Feb 2015
    The Molovata Noua Family Doctor’s Office has been reconstructed with European funds

    About 4 thousands people on both banks of the Nistru River can now enjoy better medical services with the modernization of the Family Doctor’s Office in the village of Molovata Nouă, Dubăsari district. The Office has been inaugurated today after a reconstruction carried out with European funds within the framework of the EU-UNDP Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme.

  • 05 Feb 2015
    The first inter-municipal cooperation model is implemented in ATU Gagauzia

    Three Gagauzian municipalities – Congaz, Cotovscoe and Chioselia Rusă - have for the first time ever launched a joint public utilities company, aiming to provide a wide range of local communal service: garbage collection, roads maintenance, snow removal, public lighting and administration of water and sewerage systems.

  • 26 Jan 2015
    “Modern School” Challenge: rewarding 5 best solutions for the school of XXI century

    Top 5 innovative solutions for the modern school were presented and awarded in Chisinau. The action is a part of the “Modern School” Challenge launched by the Social Innovation Lab – MiLab with the support of the Ministry of Education, CNTM and Moldcell. The Social Innovation Lab – MiLab, set up by UNDP Moldova and E-Government Centre, acts as a multilateral platform which engages different actors from public, private and non-profit sectors to seek and experiment with innovative approaches to the society’s problems.