Understand Your Parliament - three videos explaining Parliament’s work launched in Moldova, with the support of UNDP

Jul 10, 2017

How does the Parliament work? How are laws adopted and how can people get involved in discussing and consulting legislative acts? In order to answer these questions and provide people with firsthand easy to grasp information, the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova has prepared several videos, which can be found on Parliament’s YouTube channel. The video-graphics were produced with the support of the Project "Strengthening Parliamentary Governance in Moldova", implemented by the United Nations Development Programme and financed by the Swedish Government.

The videos cover a variety of topics, including the legislative process, parliamentary scrutiny, the history of the parliamentary institution, and mechanisms for involving people in the preparation of laws governing their lives. Written up in a simple language and style, they are intended for pupils and students, but also for the general public interested in parliamentary work.

The videos are available in Romanian, Russian and English.

In these videos, we sought to explain, in the simplest and most accessible terms, what Parliament does, and to show people that anyone can get involved to make sure that the laws and decisions passed by Parliament truly represent their interests,” - says Iuliana Bordeianu, head of the General Directorate for Communication and Public Relations of the Parliament Secretariat.

The videos are part of the effort to increase the transparency of Parliament work, supported by the UNDP Project “Strengthening Parliamentary Governance in Moldova”, implemented by UNDP Moldova with financial support of the Swedish Government.

In recent years, UNDP promoted numerous tools to streamline parliamentary work and make Parliament more open to its citizens:

  • In 2014, with the support of UNDP, four territorial information offices of the Parliament were opened in Comrat, Edineț, Leova and Orhei. They host regular hearings, public consultations and MPs’ meetings with local residents;
  • In April 2017, an e-petition portal was launched, which allows citizens to submit petitions to Parliament online and monitor how their petitions are examined in real time;
  • UNDP supports thematic parliamentary caucuses – the Women Caucus was formed several years ago and works to promote a gender dimension in public policies;
  • In July 2016, the Moldova National Chapter of the Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) was established – it brings together 9 current and former MPs from all factions determined to denounce corruption and promote integrity in the public system;
  • UNDP also supports the professionalization of Parliament’s public communication. In 2015, a Visit and Information Center was created, which helped over 15,000 citizens visit the institution, where they had the chance to meet their elected representatives;
  • The Parliament has a new communication strategy, and the staff of Parliament’s Secretariat in charge for public communication have been trained in various areas of this work.
Contact information

Lucia Aprodu, Communication Consultant, Strengthening Parliamentary Governance in Moldova Project, tel: +373-6002-6702, e-mail: lucia.aprodu@gmail.com

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