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  • Visionaries loading… Aug 4, 2017

    Mariana and Octavian study urbanism and architecture at the Technical University of Moldova.

  • Moldova: Enhancing awareness of electoral stakeholders on the gender perspective of different electoral systems Jul 11, 2017

    In Moldova women account for 22.8% of MPs in the national Legislature. In April 2016, a legislated 40% gender quota was introduced for the political party candidate lists at the Parliamentary and Local Elections. The law does lack placement provisions, which means that women candidates can be placed at the bottom of the political party candidate lists for upcoming elections. The first-time implementation of the quota has been planned for the 2018 scheduled Parliamentary Elections.

  • Understand Your Parliament - three videos explaining Parliament’s work launched in Moldova, with the support of UNDP Jul 10, 2017

    How does the Parliament work? How are laws adopted and how can people get involved in discussing and consulting legislative acts? In order to answer these questions and provide people with firsthand easy to grasp information, the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova has prepared several videos, which can be found on Parliament’s YouTube channel. The video-graphics were produced with the support of the Project "Strengthening Parliamentary Governance in Moldova", implemented by the United Nations Development Programme and financed by the Swedish Government.

  • UNDP Moldova was awarded the Golden Gender Equality Seal Jun 8, 2017

    UNDP Moldova was awarded the Golden Gender Equality Seal, for substantial contribution to national gender equality goals.

  • 33 children from Stefan-Voda district explored tourist attractions from the region May 26, 2017

    The winners of a drawings’ and essays’ contest related to biodiversity, aged between 12 and 16 years old, visited on May 24, 2017, for the first time, the tourist attractions from the region.

  • UNDP joins repeatedly this year the initiative "Planting good deeds for Moldova" Mar 25, 2017

    UNDP Moldova continues to involve in afforestation initiatives. UNDP has again joined the initiative "Planting good deeds for Moldova" which has planted over 2,000 trees and shrubs on 4 hectares’ area in Tohatin on 25 March 2017.

  • An apple story with the “Make Apples Cool” Team Feb 17, 2017

    We were discussing with the colleagues during a lunch break about the apple harvest during that year and the surplus of fruits which frequently gets lost or is sold for a very low price, although those apples are also healthy and flavored.

  • Young people from Rusestii Noi volunteer to raise funds for a cleaner village Jan 14, 2017

    Young people from Rusestii Noi organized a snow-clearing event and shoveled the snow in 20 households of older and lonely persons. The local campaign „LA URAT PE CURAT” (CAROLING IN A CLEAN ENVIRONMENT) provides an opportunity to encourage native persons who migrated to donate for the purchase of a tractor for garbage disposal, snow clearing and road maintenance in their village.

  • SYSLAB Moldova alumni united in the mission to improve the labor market in the Republic of Moldova Jan 12, 2017

    The 5 Centers of Career Innovative Development SYSLAB took stock of their activities, together with graduates of employment and entrepreneurship programs from 2013–2016. Thus, over 200 project beneficiaries, 137 women and 66 men, met former colleagues, who currently are employed or have started their own business.

  • Interactive Map: What are top five issues raised by women at national forums with MPs? Jan 3, 2017

    Main results and impact of 15 national parliamentary forums "Dialogue with citizens", which served as a platform for discussion between women from vulnerable groups (women from ethnic minorities, women with disabilities, rural women with low incomes, elderly women, single mothers, etc.) and members of the Parliament, are now illustrated in an interactive map.