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  • Hundreds of migrants come home for Diaspora Days to contribute to the prosperity of their home communitiesAug 18, 2016Migrants originating from 25 localities – the beneficiaries of the Migration and Local Development Project (MiDL) get involved in solving community problems together with the local authorities, as they want better life conditions for those left behind. Hence, it is for the first time, when the Diaspora Days are celebrated in 15 out of 25 target localities of MiDL during August 19-21, 2016.

  • Communities of ATU Gagauzia and Taraclia will flourish with EU-supported projectsAug 11, 2016The European Union will support social-economic development projects of 2.76 million Euro (3 million USD) for the Autonomous Territorial Unit (ATU) Gagauzia and Taraclia. These funds are provided under the project “Support for Agriculture and Rural Development in ATU Gagauzia and Taraclia” (SARD), implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

  • Mobiasbanca joins the UNDP campaign to increase fresh fruits intake in schools and kindergartens of Moldova – “Make apples cool”Aug 4, 2016Mobiasbanca has expressed its support for the UNDP initiative “Make Apples Cool”, launched in May 2016 by UNDP Moldova.

  • A career guidance platform for young people was launched - www.CarieraMea.comAug 3, 2016An online platform for professional guidance and orientation for children and youth – Cariera Mea, was launched. The project is focused on the needs of students between the age of 11 and 18, and is designed to give them the opportunity to take well-informed decisions about their future career path. The portal was developed by MiLab (a joint UNDP Moldova and E-Governance Centre project) and the Republican Children and Youth Center (ARTICO) and a few volunteers. Also, ARTICO committed to take the ownership over the portal and ensure its development in the long run.

  • Crowdfunding campaign for “Make apples cool” project exceeds expectationsAug 2, 2016UNDP Moldova announces the completion of the crowdfunding campaign for “Make Apples Cool” Project, which aims to increase the intake of fresh fruits in pre-school and school institutions in Moldova through distribution of fresh sliced apples snacks.

  • Over 63,000 migrants were guided online how to contribute to the development of their native localitiesAug 1, 2016The first steps on how to establish Association of Natives were discussed online, for the first time in the Republic of Moldova, during the webinar "Guidance for migrants on how to create and consolidate Associations of Natives in Moldova”. The aim of such Associations is to transform migration into an enabling development force for local communities.

  • 10 accessible statistical profiles of women and girls from Moldova were launchedJul 29, 2016The United Nations, in partnership with the National Bureau of Statistics presented the illustrated statistical profiles of 10 groups of girls and women from Moldova on the 29th of July 2016. The groups that were analyzed work in diverse domains and live in different locations, have specific health conditions and are involved in political and economic spheres.

  • A Local Temporary Return Program was launched, targeting diaspora members willing to support their native communitiesJul 26, 2016Diaspora representatives shall have the opportunity to temporary return to their home localities from Moldova, to transfer good practices, bring new ideas, experiences and know how acquired abroad. This is possible with the support of the Migration and Local Development Project, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, implemented by the United Nations Development Programme in Moldova.

  • Food Revolution in Moldova tastes like ApplesJul 21, 2016The children from the Republic of Moldova, one of the poorest countries in Europe, consume in average only two thirds of the minimum recommended quantity of fresh fruits. This actually explains the deficit of vitamins in their diet, being manifested by fatigue, general weakness, stomachaches, bad eyesight, coordination disorders, as well as cognitive and memory problems.

  • Over 20 thousand inhabitants of the Dnestrovsk city, left bank of the Nistru river, have access to quality healthcareJul 20, 2016Over 20 thousand inhabitants of the city Dnestrovsk, situated on the left bank of the Nistru River, have access to a renovated clinic with trained medical staff and equipped in accordance with modern standards and practices. The clinic was officially inaugurated today. The event served as an opportunity for the European Union (EU), which funded the renovation, to took stock of the support provided to people from the left bank of the Nistru river for ensuring access to medical services.

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