Inclusive Development

Reducing poverty and bridging regional disparities through creating economic opportunities, improving access to quality education, healthcare services, and more accessible and efficient public services and employment, are among major priorities reflected in Moldova 2020 development strategy, sectorial strategies, national MDG commitments, international and regional treaties, as well as in EU-Moldova cooperation framework. More

Our Goals

UNDP work is focusing on responding to issues impacting poverty and human development. Starting with 2012, growing emphasis has been put on cross-practice issues at the nexus of the key three development trends for the country: 1. global – need for transition to sustainable development; 2. regional – European integration aspirations of the country; 3. need for profound modernization of Moldova. More

Community development

People of Obileni village participate in the rennovation of community buildings. Photo: UNDP Moldova/Elijah Hurwitz

Our Stories

  • The Rybnita hospital in the Transnistrian region of the Republic of Moldova has recently been renovated.

    A hospital where patients get well faster

    There’s no reason for joy when one ends up in a hospital, much less if that hospital is delapidated. Unfortunately, this is how most hospitals inmore

Projects and Initiatives

Innovative Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Employment

Unemployed people, Moldovan migrants who returned home and graduates of various educational institutions will be trained at the four SYSLAB Centres created as part of the Innovative Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Employment project. more

Formulation of National Human Development Reports

NHDRs introduce the human development concept into national policy dialogue through various human development indicators and policy recommendations as well as through the country-led and data collection and consultation. more

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Towards Equitable and Sustainable Development for All, 2007-2011

The publication “UNDP Moldova: Towards Equitable and Sustainable Development for All” takes stock of the key results and achievements of UNDP’s work in Moldova during 2007-2011 and presents the priorities of the new country programme for 2013-2017.

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