Our Partners

Partnerships are at the centre of all UNDP work as a fundamental driver of our business strategy and ability to deliver development results. National and international partners are an integral part of the decision-making processes and UNDP works directly with them on all aspects of the development cycle from program and project design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation.

State Institutions

UNDP has a successful track record in helping the Republic of Moldova attract and use development assistance effectively. As such, UNDP is a trusted partner for all state institutions, including the Parliament, President’s Office, the Judiciary and all ministries and agencies of the Government.

A number of UNDP projects are implemented nationally, under the direction of the Government and in partnership with relevant national authorities, as part of institutions’ capacity development objectives.

Local Public Authorities

UNDP has partnered with Local Public Authorities (LPAs) to ensure that all community members, in particular vulnerable groups, participate in taking decisions which affect their life and that of the community, thus linking local needs to the greater national development agenda.

We work closely with the Congress of Local Authorities and the Academy of Public Administration to further strengthen local public authorities and promote decentralization.

Civil Society Organizations

For UNDP, civil society constitutes the full range of formal and informal organizations that are outside the state such as social movements, volunteer organizations, non-governmental organizations, and community-based organizations, as well as communities and citizens acting individually and collectively.

UNDP partners with civil society organizations in programme implementation and policy advocacy. In Moldova, we work closely with civil society organizations to support the provision of basic services in the areas of health, education, water supply and sanitation, agriculture extension and social entrepreneurship.

International Development Partners

UNDP cooperates closely with international development partners such as the European Union, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Russian Federation, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States.

We play a central role in the coordination of development partners, for instance serving as focal point for the Monitoring of the Paris Declaration and of the Busan Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation, and supported the State Chancellery in the development of a modern aid information management system, operational as of 2014. The UN Resident Coordinator chairs the monthly meetings of international development partners.

Private Sector

The private sector can make an important contribution to development by fostering innovation, providing funding and promoting entrepreneurship.

The strong partnership with the mobile telephony operators (Orange, Moldcell, Moldtelecom) helped UN Moldova to carry our national post-2015 consultation in an inclusive and innovative manner. This joint work will serve as a basis of future work for the fulfillment of the aspirations of Moldovan people expressed as part of the post-2015 consultations.