What We Do

UNDP supports Moldova in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the fulfillment of the European integration agenda. Our key focus areas are: Inclusive Growth, Effective Governance and Climate Change, Environment and Energy. UNDP helps Moldova attract and use aid effectively. In all our activities, we encourage the protection of human rights, capacity development and gender equality.more

Our Goals

UNDP programme in Moldova is guided by the Country Programme Document, and the UN-Moldova Partnership Framework "Towards Unity in Action" for 2013-2017 and its action plan, which is in line with the priorities of the Government of Moldova.more

New businesses give hope and opportunities

Photo: UNDP Moldova

Our Stories

With EU support, the school in Baltata village, Criuleni district, switched from gas to biofuel produced by a local entrepreneur

15 March 2017. Founded early in the XX century by Ukrainians who had migrated from the Western Ukraine and bought land to a local landholder, the Baltata view more 

Photo: UNDP Moldova. With the assistance of Syslab Center from Comrat, Olga Dudoglo was employed within a notary office.

The secret of a successful career is to be found in Syslab Center, Comrat

6 March 2017. One out of ten young people in the Republic of Moldova is unemployed. “This is what official statistics show. In reality, I think view more 

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