Inclusive Growth

Inclusive growth is one of the main priorities for Moldova. Regional disparities need to be bridged creating economic opportunities, improving access to quality education, healthcare services, more accessible and efficient public services, and employment. The Moldova 2020 development strategy, sectorial strategies, national Sustainable Development Goals’ commitments, international and regional treaties, as well as the EU-Moldova cooperation framework all assume these as key steps for the country’s development.

Our Goals

UNDP is working to further expand access to basic services, and achieve more equitable and sustainable local and regional development to improve the livelihoods of the most needy and vulnerable. UNDP’s work focuses on poverty and human development at the nexus of three key development trends for the country: • national – need for profound modernization of Moldova; • regional – meet the country’s aspirations to European integration; • global – need for transition to sustainable development.More

Community development

With UNDP support, 12 wells were built in Cotul Morii village, after the 2010 flood. Photo: UNDP Moldova

Our Stories

Employees of the Causeni Territorial Employment Agency consult retruned migrants looking for a job. Photo - Causeni Employment Agency

Returning home: a little support for a safe reintegration

1 May 2017. Valeriu Filimon from Coscalia, Causeni district, has spent a long period working abroad. Although married with two children, he used to return home onlymore 

Photo: SDC

In a small Moldovan town, birthing mothers can feel at peace

14 April 2017. Aliona and Taras Jironkiny’s first daughter would be 12 today, had she survived the birth process. She died at the maternity ward inmore 

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