Gender Equality

Gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls are at the heart of UNDP work. The Sustainable Development Goals emphasize that the realization of full human potential is not possible as long as half of humanity is left behind. Gender equality helps countries to realize the potential of women and men, their families, and communities. Achieving equality between women and men is a matter of human rights and is necessary for progressive human development.

Our Goals

In Moldova, UNDP works to support the country in meeting the gender equality commitments it assumed in the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals and the European integration agenda. We do so by incorporating gender equality principles in all the work we do to strengthen national capacities and systems, and in policies and programmes across the three priority areas of UNDP’s development assistance to Moldova - inclusive growth, effective governance, and climate change, environment and energy. A particular focus is placed on promoting measures that offer more opportunities for women to participate in decision making, be more employable and take leadership positions in the private sector.more

National „Let`s vote” Caravan

advocated for the importance of women’s participation in elections, not only as voters, but also as candidates. Photo credit: “Women in Politics” Program/ Dorin Goian

Our Stories

Making the most of migration in Moldova

30 June 2016. Diana, a Moldovan native living in Oslo, Norway, has fond memories of her home and of her childhood. Despite her willingness to givemore 

Vera Brasovschi and Valentina Bodrug-Lungu

Women leading the way to climate-resilience in Moldova

11 April 2016. In the small town of Sîngerei, in northern Moldova, women have been trained to start sustainable businesses. The aim is to empower womenmore 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Women in Politics in Moldova

    Boosting women’s political participation and decision-making is fundamental for democracy and essential for achieving sustainable development in Moldova. A UNDP - UN Women initiative, funded by the Government of Sweden, the “Women in Politics” Programme aims to increase the voice and the participation of women in political life in Moldova.more 

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