Gender Equality and Effective Governance

Members of Moldovan Parliament and Secretariat respond to issues raised by women from vulnerable groups during regional dialogues organized by the Women in Politics Programme Credit: UN Programme Women in Politics

Achieving better gender equality and women’s empowerment are priorities mainstreamed across all the work of UNDP Moldova in the area of Effective Governance. Gender considerations are part of our approach and of all activities.

We help our national partners to develop gender-sensitive policies and budgets, introduce gender analysis in policy making, set gender-sensitive targets and indicators, and collect and disseminate sex-disaggregated data.

UNDP supported its partners in conducting the first Gender Audits of the Parliament and the Central Election Commission, and in developing and implementing the institutional Gender Action Plans as a result. We assisted in the establishment of the Women Caucus in the Parliament, and provided support for the implementation of its roadmap.

A Common Dialogue Platform of Women MPs uniting women parliamentarians from all factions established in March 2015. Credit: Parliament of the Republic of Moldova

Jointly with UN Women, a particular effort is underway to enhance women’s participation in decision-making, thanks to multidimensional capacity development support offered to women-leaders – members of parliament, mayors, and local councilors. Strong advocacy efforts were undertaken for the Quota Law that was approved by the Parliament, as a way to increase women representation on political parties lists, in the Parliament and in local Councils.