Effective Governance

For the long-term development of Moldova, effective governance is essential. It is the condition that provides the enabling environment to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Goals

UNDP helps create a more transparent, efficient and equitable governance system where citizens can take part in the decision-making process of their country. We work to help building the legal framework, creating institutional structures and developing skills which support national efforts to reduce poverty, sustain the environment, ensure access to justice for everyone, protect and promote human rights and advance human development. more

Building a democratic society

UNDP builds the law-making, representation and oversight functions of the Parliament. Over 600 people from across the country attended the Regional Parliamentary Forums "Dialogue with citizens". Photo: UNDP Moldova

Our Stories

Valentina Chernenchi discuses her pension with Mihail Timofti, head of the Leova constituency office. Photo: Dinu Bubulici/UNDP Moldova

It takes a village: Pensioners demand justice in Moldova

22 November 2016. Valentina Chernenchi is approaching retirement age but is worried about her pension. According to official records, she has another seven years of service,more 

UN Programme “Women in Politics” by Dorin Goian

In Moldova, a woman mayor is breaking stereotypes

9 March 2016. At 31, Aliona Chircu is one of the youngest mayors in Moldova. She is also the first ever woman mayor in the historymore 

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