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Development Impact

UNDP helps its partners achieve sustainable and people-centered development. Its integrated approach links policy with planning and programming, promoting results-based management, establishing quality safeguards, monitoring and evaluating impact, and ensuring equal learning from successes and challenges. By being open, innovative, and evidence-driven UNDP ensures the sustainability of development, effective South-South and Triangular Cooperation, and a higher quality of programming and action.

Our Goals

UNDP is partnering with “traditional” donors as well as emerging donor countries, leveraging their recent transition experience. At the same time, UNDP is adapting its business model to advance a new generation of development solutions by employing wider, less formal networks, treating knowledge as a key asset, and reaching out to non-traditional partners. Aligning priorities to national strategic documents, UNDP works with national partners to make development cooperation more effective and find solutions that arise not from a textbook or a single experience, but from several partners coming together and generating new ideas. Promotion of equitable development and social inclusion is one of the priorities which UNDP Moldova will be pursuing in the coming years. This ambitious objective requires broad-based partnerships with all stakeholders.

Mapping Public Service Exercise

Photo: UNDP Moldova

Our Blog Posts

The true poverty of data

Eradicating poverty remains a long-standing goal of global development. It’s also a centerpiece of the 2030 Agenda. And while no one would doubt the importance of this goal, a lingering question remains: how do we measure poverty and how do we best make use of poverty data? More 

Ghost Villages Project

What is the extent of the migration phenomenon in Moldova? What is the population density and how are rural areas affected? What are the patterns of migration, and how do they change thorough the year? Can we see how this pattern changed over the past 3, 5, or 7 years? More 

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