Democratic Governance

Democratic governance is essential to the long-term development of Moldova providing an enabling environment for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. The Government of Moldova has placed a strong emphasis on improving the country’s public services, as well as achieving its fundamental priority of integration into Europe.

UNDP is one of the main UN agencies supporting the Government’s reform agenda. The aim is to work with the state to modernize its institutions, while ensuring consultation with all those affected. UNDP has aligned its support with the Government’s priorities set forth in the National Development Strategy Moldova 2020 and provides it mainly in the form of advisory services and capacity development.more

Building a democratic society

UNDP builds the law-making, representation and oversight functions of the Parliament . Foto: UNDP Moldova/Elijah Hurwitz

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Projects and Initiatives

Formulation of National Human Development Reports

The project supports the formulation of National Human Development Reports (NHDRs) and policy briefs in key development areas that complement NHDRs. more

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Towards Equitable and Sustainable Development for All, 2007-2011

The publication “UNDP Moldova: Towards Equitable and Sustainable Development for All” takes stock of the key results and achievements of UNDP’s work in Moldova during 2007-2011 and presents the priorities of the new country programme for 2013-2017.

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