Climate Change, Environment & Energy

The Republic of Moldova achieved notable progress in recent years improving the environmental governance framework. However, environmental degradation, water and waste management, sustainable use of natural resources are among the lingering environmental challenges.

Our Goals

UNDP is assisting the Government to transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient development by adopting national targets for the Sustainable Development Goals, increasing coherence with the EU acquis, and complying with commitments under the main Multilateral Environment Agreements to which Moldova is a party.more

For a clean and sustainable environment

Renewable energy — biomass, sun, wind, geothermal, and hydroelectric — provides substantial benefits for environment, health, and economy. Photo: UNDP/Valeriu Corcimari

Our Stories

With EU support, the school in Baltata village, Criuleni district, switched from gas to biofuel produced by a local entrepreneur

15 March 2017. Founded early in the XX century by Ukrainians who had migrated from the Western Ukraine and bought land to a local landholder, the Baltatamore 

The Orhei National Park is now an area of national importance, protected by law. Part of the national park – cultural-natural reserve “Old Orhei” is in the process of being included in UNESCO's World Heritage List.

Moldova: The Orhei National Park – from neglect to World Heritage recognition

20 October 2016. Not long ago, the Republic of Moldova – lacking both mountains and coastlines - was considered to be bereft of tourist attractions. Evenmore 

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