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Climate Change, Environment & Energy

In recent years the Republic of Moldova has made notable progress towards improving its environmental policy in line with EU and international standards. However, enforcement of the environmental legislation is lagging behind, leading to environmental degradation, pollution and unsustainable use of natural resources. The environmental sectors of the most significant concern are biodiversity, waste and chemicals, water and soil, with climate change and disasters cutting across these areas. Moldova is also highly dependent on external energy sources, with low efficiency in energy supply and consumption.

Our Goals

UNDP is assisting the Government of Moldova in its transition towards low-emission and climate-resilient development, by building up institutional, legal and individual capacities to respond to climate change and natural and man-made disasters, by exploring the potential of renewable energy and energy and resource efficiency in production and consumption, while supporting reform and modernization of the environmental management systems. More

For a clean and sustainable environment

Photo: UNDP Moldova

Our Stories

Story of green energy in Moldova must go on!

17 August 2017. 270 children from ‘Povestea’ kindergarten in Nisporeni are living a fairy-tale. They have access to an abundant amount of hot water heated by solar collectors. More 

With EU support, the school in Baltata village, Criuleni district, switched from gas to biofuel produced by a local entrepreneur

15 March 2017. Founded early in the XX century by Ukrainians who had migrated from the Western Ukraine and bought land to a local landholder, the Baltata More 

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