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By students, for students: New apps stimulate learning in Moldova

17 Dec 2015


You may remember that recently we launched the first hackathon in Moldova to develop applications to support math studying in schools, EduSoft. The contest has now been finalized, and we have some impressive results to share. Our Edusoft contestants have produced work that will allow students to take a look at a topic from different angles, in this way accommodating diverse learning styles. They focused their efforts on developing human-centered tools that boost the teaching process by assisting teachers, not replacing them. The contest was open for five weeks. Six teams were pre-selected, and the following three apps were nominated as the best: 1. Konio Softworks with Mathyx – This application is designed for rapid testing of students in the classroom. It helps teachers check the level of understanding of a particular topic by students. It generates personalized reports and class performance graphs. 2. Born to Code with MATH – This application explores knowledge retention among students in three different stages. A. Checks whether the material was presented in a simple and attractive format? B. Helps students apply their knowledge to practice through a number of mini-games; C. Tests the knowledge of students at the end of the module through a  Read More

Applying Design thinking with the youth from Transnistria

14 Dec 2015

image Photo: UNDP Moldova

On December 8–9, a workshop was organized at Vadul lui Vodă for young people - the future entrepreneurs from Transnistrian region. To generate a comprehensive and productive discussion, at the workshop were invited 15 young people from Transnistria and 15 young people (mainly students and youth looking for a job) from the right bank of the River Nistru. Hence, the ideas coming from the youth were based on their experience and the context and background of the region they were coming from. The aim of this event was: 1. to identify the problems related to starting up a business in Transnistria, and 2. to consolidate confidence measures by strengthening the dialogue between the young persons from the both sides of the River Nistru. During the two-day workshop, the participants were familiarized with the design-thinking methodology, took part in the practical exercises to identify the problems related to starting up a business and developing prototypes of solutions that would enable or encourage young people to start a business. By the end of the event, the young persons presented their ideas. Four groups of participants have presented the following ideas: 1. Elțin. The idea was about opening offices to provide free-of-charge consultations in  Read More

EduSoft: Shaping education together in Moldova

08 Oct 2015

image Photo: UNDP/Cristina Lupusor

t’s not the changing technology and software that matter. It’s how we use the best available technology to shift learning in a way that fits our students’ needs. This is why, as MiLab, we have been experimenting with the Ministry of Education through a number of initiatives to rethink education. Our latest adventure is a hackathon, where we’ll be working with Moldova’s best and brightest to build next-generation educational content and tools. The mentor (programmer) and his team of students take part in the pilot.   Education + Software = EduSoft In the past three years, the Ministry of Education has equipped more than 100 schools with computers, but the use of educational software in class is still very low. To make things worse, only 50.74 percent of high school students in 2014 passed the math test during the baccalaureate exam. Using software that relates to Moldovan curricula for studying mathematics could help modernize the educational process and improve students’ performance. So when a group of IT students approached us with this idea, we couldn’t say no. We believe that solutions are only viable if the users participate in the creative process. No wonder then that collaboration is at the heart  Read More

Moldova on the Pathway to Achieving the Global Goals

28 Sep 2015


World leaders have adopted the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as Global Goals. They represent an agreed vision to put people and planet on a sustainable path by 2030. This is the bedrock of a new development agenda that can set the world on a course of action to end poverty, transform lives and protect the planet. In Moldova, we focus our work on poverty reduction, access to education and women empowerment, where many challenges still persist. The regional turbulence, together with the many challenges the country is facing, require new ingenious approaches from the people of Moldova and the development agencies working to support the country. I believe the new Goals will guide us through the next mile of development – from guaranteeing inclusive access to key services, which is the first step, to looking at the aspects of quality, accountability and justice. The Sustainable Development Goals spell out how we work together to promote dignity, equality, justice, shared prosperity and well-being for all, while protecting the environment. We are the first generation that can end poverty and the last one that can avoid the worst effects of climate change. I’ve learned from my work with the United  Read More

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