UNDP and the UN System

Young people launching lampions in the sky
UN Day. Launch of the street illumination in Nisporeni. Foto: UN/Andrei Mardari

In Moldova, the UNDP Resident Representative is also the UN Resident Coordinator. The Resident Coordinator system encompasses all organizations of the United Nations system dealing with operational activities for development. The UN Resident Coordinator is the designated representative of the UN Secretary-General in the Republic of Moldova and leader of the United Nations Country Team, playing a central role in coordinating UN operational activities for development.

The United Nations' priorities in Moldova are outlined in the UN-Moldova Partnership Framework “Towards Unity in Action” 2013-2017, which is put into practice through a common action plan. Developed through broad consultations with many partners from government and civil society, the Partnership Framework supports Moldova’s priorities and development challenges in three main areas:

  1. Democratic governance, justice, equality and human rights
  2. Human development and social inclusion
  3. Environment, climate change and disaster risk management 

The Action Plan translates the Partnership Framework into practice, capturing how UN agencies work with national and international partners to harmonize, simplify and enhance the coherence of UN actions.

UNDP supports the Government of the Republic of Moldova and development partners in the harmonization of development assistance. The UN Resident Coordinator organizes and chairs monthly donors’ meetings. Through its work with the State Chancellery’s General Department for Policy Coordination, Foreign Assistance and Central Public Administration Reform, UNDP supports the monitoring of aid effectiveness through the Paris Declaration and Busan Partnership surveys. It is also assisting in the establishment of a new Aid Management Platform in line with the latest international standards, ensuring information flow on development cooperation among Government, donors and public.

UN Agencies in Moldova