Joint Integrated Local Development Programme

Project Summary

 people at the marketplace
The Programme promotes stronger communities, access to quality services, and people's active participation in taking decisions. Photo: UNDP

The Joint Integrated Local Development Programme (JILDP) is the main partner of the Government of the Republic of Moldova in the implementation of the decentralisation reform, which promotes local government autonomy and ensures that all people, particularly the most vulnerable, have access to quality public services.

Project goals:

  1. Improve the legal and policy framework to ensure local government autonomy, availability and more efficient management of local resources;
  2. Build the capacity of the local public administration to provide efficient and accessible public services while ensuring sustainable development and social inclusion.

Expected Results

1. Policy and legal frameworks to support autonomous, efficient and financially-sustainable LPAs developed and implemented:

  • Ensure fiscal decentralisation and establish a new system of local public finances that will provide municipalities with more funds for local development;
  • Sectoral decentralisation strategies developed and approved; competences of the local and central authorities in providing public services clarified;
  • Strengthened capacity of the central coordinating bodies (State Chancellery, Parity Commission, Parliamentary Commission and other government agencies) and local public administrations to implement the decentralisation reform;
  • Increased visibility of the decentralisation reform and its opportunities among stakeholders and beneficiaries, especially among women, vulnerable groups, and rural residents.

2. Create viable models of operational local governments; strengthened capacities of communities to deliver better services to all:

  • Strengthened local self-governance and public management performance in 20 target communes to better respond to the needs of women and men, particularly the most vulnerable;
  • Improved public services available to all in 20 communes and 10 clusters of communities;
  • People gain access to more sustainable local development, more economic opportunities – innovation and agriculture in particular – and decent work.


Donors 2013
Government of Denmark $2,662.836
Government of Sweden  
UNDP $500,000
Focus Area:
Inclusive Development
Project Manager:
Mihai Roscovan,
Local and central public authorities, academia, civil society
News Digest
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It covers the most relevant Joint Integrated Local Development Programme activities and results for April – May  2014.

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