Formulation of National Human Development Reports

Project Summary

the cover of the 2012 NHDR Report
NHDR 2012 - European Aspirations and Human Development of the Republic of Moldova

The project supports the formulation of National Human Development Reports (NHDRs) and policy briefs in key development areas that complement NHDRs. NHDRs introduce the human development concept into national policy dialogue through various human development indicators and policy recommendations as well as through the country-led and country owned process of data collection and consultation. These Reports are prepared and owned by national teams and provide timely and well-researched analysis of the many dimensions of development and are aimed at promoting more open and comprehensive public dialogue on priority issues of the country. The 2012 Report is analysing the impact of Moldova’s European integration aspirations on the human development and achievement of the national development goals.

Project goals:

  • Advocate for  the adoption of the human development approach to development;
  • Stimulate national dialogue on the most acute development issues faced by the country;
  • Find out alternative solutions to overcome the development constraints;
  • Provide tools that would allow various stakeholders to participate in the policy-making processes;
  • Provide a resourceful guide for development planning


  • 12 NHDRs produced since 1995, addressing overarching issues such as social exclusion and cohesion, climate change, quality of economic growth, good governance, and transition and human security;
  • More than 10 nationwide dialogue platforms initiated for key national stakeholders;
  • NHDRs and other analytical work has consistently contributed to building the capacities of and linkages between key stakeholders in development, effective implementation and monitoring of social and economic policies and measurement of societal progress, through measures such as Human Development Index and other composite and comprehensive indexes. 


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$20.000 $112,050 $41.500
Government of Denmark  -   $ 43,902.88 $ 7,691


December 2014 $154,899
December 2013 $25,557
December 2012
December 2011 $61,452
December 2010 $102,320
1995 - 2015
Geographic coverage:
Focus Area:
Inclusive Development
Project officer:
Dumitru Vasilescu,
Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, State Chancellery, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Education, academia, civil society, private sector, and development partners
All National Human Development Reports

On this page you will be able to see all NHDRs developed by UNDP Moldova since 1995.