Innovative Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Employment

Project Summary

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The Career Development Centre in Chisinau provides training and assistance to job seekers. Photo: UNDP Moldova

The project aims to create and manage career development centres in five most important regions of the Republic of Moldova which will train and help qualified unemployed, recent graduates and returning migrants in getting a decent job on the local market.

The centres will provide training based on SYSLAB concept, an employment method of training in groups of 20 to 40 participants.

Overall, the project will contribute to the development, adaptation and implementation of new tools for career development, job search and entrepreneurship in the Republic of Moldova.

This shall consolidate regional economic development, social inclusion and prevent further brain drain, while at the same time creating favorable environment for consolidation of the national labour market.

Project goals:
•    Provide new technologies to labour market authorities;
•    Connect motivated labour force to private and public sectors;
•    Give recent graduates a better chance for employment on the local market.


  • Five SYSLAB Career Development Centres are functional in the folowing citiesof Moldova: Chisinau, Rezina, Cahul, Balti and Comrat;
  • New tools such as technology and methods for career development, job search and entrepreneurship adapted and successfully launched in Chisinau and the regions;
  • More than 200 persons who received training and tailored consultations already got relevant employment on local market


2013 2014 2015
Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs $129,608 $225,529 $195,311
UNDP $18,750 $60,000 $41,250
UKM - $84,267 $35,676


December 2014 $324,603
December 2013 $123,769
Project Overview
Total Budget:
US$ 871,568
Focus Area:
Inclusive Development
Project Manager:
Dumitru Vasilescu,
Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family, donors, civil society and private sector
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