Inclusive Development

  • Formulation of National Human Development Reports Formulation of National Human Development ReportsThe project supports the formulation of National Human Development Reports (NHDRs) and policy briefs in key development areas that complement NHDRs.

  • Improving Trade and Productive Capacities of Fresh Fruit ProducersImproving Trade and Productive Capacities of Fresh Fruit ProducersThe project contributes to building a positive image of the Republic of Moldova as exporter of high quality products, reducing unemployment, raising incomes and, ultimately, ensuring a more inclusive and sustainable human development.

  • Innovative Entrepreneurship for Sustainable EmploymentInnovative Entrepreneurship for Sustainable EmploymentThe project aims to create and manage career development centres in five most important regions of the Republic of Moldova which will train and help qualified unemployed, recent graduates and returning migrants in getting a decent job on the local market.

  • Innovative business development for local sustainable economic growthThe Project aims at spurring innovations in small and mid-sized business start-ups and business development process for the generation of sustainable jobs at local level and strengthening of the LPAs capacities to manage autonomously such processes.

  • Integrated Migration Local Development ProjectThe project aims to improve access to local public services, by empowering and engaging migrants into sustainable local development. To that end, central and local public authorities will be enabled to develop and implement strategic policies related to temporary, permanent and circular migration and link them to local development processes; thus enabling further design and implementation of joint service and income-generating initiatives with equal access for women, children, young people the elderly, the disabled, and other population groups from selected localities.

  • Joint Integrated Local Development ProgrammeJoint Integrated Local Development ProgrammeThe Programme is the main partner of the Government of the Republic of Moldova in the implementation of the decentralisation reform, which promotes local government autonomy and ensures that all people, particularly the most vulnerable, have access to quality public services.

  • Mainstreaming Migration into Developmenthe project aims to support the Government to systematically integrate migration in the development planning in order to maximize the benefits of migration and reduce the negative impacts of migration on economic and human development.

  • Network of Career Advisory Centers in the Republic of MoldovaNetwork of Career Advisory Centers in the Republic of MoldovaThe Project represents a logical continuation of the Innovative Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Employment Project implemented during 2013-2015 and through which 5 Career Advisory Centres were opened and functional in the Republic of Moldova.

  • Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme (I-II)Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme (I-II)The project aims to address the needs of Transnistrian communities including the security zone by increasing their access to basic social and economic services, as well as to objective and diversified sources of information. It promotes action at the local level through a community-based approach bringing together organizations from the Transnistrian region and the rest of Moldova to work on development opportunities of common interest.

  • Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme (III)Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme (III)The Confidence Building Programme contributes to confidence building between both banks of the Nistru river by involving local authorities, civil society organisations, business community and other stakeholders, as well as through economic and social development of local communities.


Reducing poverty and bridging regional disparities through creating economic opportunities, improving access to quality education, healthcare services, and more accessible and efficient public services and employment, are among major priorities reflected in Moldova 2020 development strategy, sectorial strategies, national MDG commitments, international and regional treaties, as well as in EU-Moldova cooperation framework.

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Resident Coordinator Annual Report

2012 Resident Coordinator Annual Report.


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UNDP Gender Equality Silver Seal

UNDP Moldova received Gender Equality Silver Seal, as far as contributed to gender equality national goals, in particular the office actively worked with the Ministry of Justice to enact the “Law of Ensuring Equality”, and supporting integration of the gender perspective in local development and decentralization processes in Moldova. The office has made very good progress in the development of a comprehensive management system for gender mainstreaming, in creating an enabling environment for gender equality, and the office has achieved internal parity.

The Gender Equality Seal is adapted by UNDP from the Certification programme for private and public organizations to recognize good performance of UNDP Country Offices/Units to deliver transformational gender equality results.