Network of Career Advisory Centers in the Republic of Moldova

Project Summary:

The Project represents a logical continuation of the Innovative Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Employment Project implemented during 2013-2015 and through which the Career Advisory Centres were opened and functional in 5 locations of the Republic of Moldova (Chisinau, Rezina, Cahul, Balți and Comrat). The Project aims at promoting relevant employment and self-employment in Moldova through the development of soft skills of unemployed to execute substantive individual job search and employment plans, as well as entrepreneurial skills of highly motivated beneficiaries to start-up new businesses at local level. In doing so, the Project is implementing two distinct but inter-linked components, i.e. employability and entrepreneurship through trainings, simulations and coaching in full-time groups of beneficiaries.


  • Provide new technologies to labour market authorities;
  • Connect motivated labour force to private and public sectors;
  • Give recent graduates a better chance for employment on the local market;
  • Encourage entrepreneurship spirit and facilitate self-employment through supporting start-up development.

Expected results:

The estimated success rate is 60% for employability component and 10% for entrepreneurship component.


  • 679 beneficiaries in job-seeking groups, out of which 80% got employed;
  • 60 beneficiaries in entrepreneurship groups, out of which 37% started their own business;
  • From the Seed-Money Fund were financially supported the creation of 5 new businesses in 2015 and 19 new businesses in 2016.


Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs UNDP Starnet EU*
2015 127,440 USD      
2016 488,472 USD 40,000 USD   See SARD Project
2017   32,916 USD 10,910 USD  

* as part of SARD project


2015 119,003 USD
2016 513,513 USD

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