Local Development in Taraclia District Project

Project Summary:

The Project aims at contributing to the rehabilitation of the social infrastructure in the Taraclia district. The project is implemented in close cooperation with Taraclia district local public authorities on two main interventions assessed to have a significant impact for the local population responding directly to their pressing development needs.


  • Installation of 8 water stations in different local communities serving over 30,000 people
  • Renovation of the roof for the dormitory of Grigore Tsamblak University in Taraclia

The population and Local public authorities from all eight communities selected for the Clean Water Component is directly involved in project activities and identification of most relevant locations for the installation of these water stations in the communities. While relying mainly on the engineering expertise, the consultation includes a gender-sensitive and human rights based approach. Synergies are built with other local development interventions implemented by UNDP Moldova, especially the EU-funded Support for agriculture and rural development in ATU Gagauzia and Taraclia Programme.

Expected Results:

  • 32,360 persons from 8 local communities in Taraclia district have access to safe and clean water
  • Improved educational conditions for students of Grigore Tsamblak University in Taraclia
  • Improved capacity of representatives of local public administration in 8 local communities in Taraclia district


  • 29,800 people from Taraclia district have access to safe drinking water due to construction of seven water stations in selected localities.
  • Over 400 young people have better living conditions due to reconstruction of the student dormitory roof of the State University "Gregory Tsamblak" from Taraclia.
  • Local public authorities from seven communities have improved capacities to identify the project ideas and to create and implement the social infrastructure projects.


Years Government of Bulgaria
2015 275,000 Euro


Years Amount
2016 261,595 Euro

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