Energy and Biomass (Phase 2)

Project Summary

The Moldova Energy and Biomass Project aims to contribute to a more secure, competitive and sustainable energy production in the Republic of Moldova from biomass sources, the most readily available renewable energy source in the country. The project will increase the use of energy from biomass sources, thus contributing to both, a more secure, competitive and sustainable energy production and local development. The target communities will produce their own energy, which will result in the creation of new businesses and jobs, and not least, in a better protection of our environment for future generations.

The first phase of the Project was successfully implemented by UNDP during 2011-2014. However, in the context of a clearly identified need to further support the consolidation of the emerging biomass market in the country, the European Union allocated additional 9.46 million EUR funding to the project. As of January 2015 the project entered into its second phase with an extension timeframe until November 2017. 

Project goals:

  • Leverage the successful activities and extend them to so far not covered or underrepresented regions, specifically Transnistria region, Gagauzia and Taraclia
  • Support further consolidation of the biomass market in the country based on the experience and lessons learned in the first phase
  • Raise national capacity in the bioenergy sector, ensuring sustainability and further replication
  • Increase awareness and acceptance, promote the benefits of biomass based energy and ensure the visibility of project results


  • 80 modern biomass boiler plants installed in in villages and small towns public buildings, with focus on Transnistriaregion, ATU Gagauzia, Taraclia district and Small towns
  • In 21 sites biomass heating systems will be complemented with solar hot water systems (kindergartens, medical facilities, other social institutions)
  • 300 locally produced/assembled biomass boilers
  • 250 households and 50 small businesses supported to procure and install biomass boilers under preferential conditions
  • 7 new Public Private Partnerships for heat supply service created throughout the country
  • Piloting the use of biomass for heating with Agricultural Colleges and Professional Schools, 2 institutions will be selected
  • Piloting Inter-municipal Cooperation (IMC) for biofuel production within currently existing models of IMC
  • Co-finance the creation of the first Biofuel Quality Assurance Center
  • Local public authorities, civil servants and teachers know how to use and to multiply eco-technologies; learned how to operate the biomass-based heating system; and  agricultural entrepreneurs know how to transform the wastes into an economic product 
  • VET programme on renewable energy sources and energy efficiency piloted in one or several technical schoolsto meet the requirements of emerging bioenergy market
  • One Boiler Operators Training Centre supported
  • School Education Initiative extended in the beneficiary communities
  • Capacity development opportunities for  women entrepreneurs provided;
  • 3 joint Summer Camps with participation of children from the right and left banks


Donor 2015 2016 2017
European Union $ 2,002,642 $ 6,710,707 $ 1.956.382
Total Budget:
9.41 million Euro
Focus Area:
Environment & Energy
Project Manager:
Alexandru Ursul,
Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, Ministry of Education, Energy Efficiency Agency , Energy Efficiency Fund , Regional Development Agencies, Agricultural Producers , Associations, Academia, Local Public Authorities, Civil Society, Delegation of the European Union to Moldova, Donor Organizations
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