Clima East Moldova: Climate change mitigation and ecosystem-based adaptation in Orhei National Park

Project Summary

forest and houses
Orhei National Park to become a successful model for local communities’ development and protection of biological diversity in Moldova. Photo: UNDP Moldova

The project is part of a larger EU "Clima East: Supporting Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Neighbourhood East and Russia" initiative, responding to the main biodiversity challenges in the Orhei National Park area (33,792 ha) and its buffer zone such as vulnerability to climate change, loss of biodiversity and forest area, deep soil erosion and landslides, pasture degradation and low grazing capacity of existing pastures.

A natural resource management model in the pastures and forests will be developed which will help increase ecosystems’ capacity to seize carbon under pending climate risks, while at the same time retaining biodiversity and economic values. These measures will help avert further deterioration of natural resources, sequestrate the carbon and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, improve local pasture and forestry resources, promote better understanding of problems related to climate change impact and contribute to local and regional sustainable development.

Project Goals:

  • Develop innovative pasture and community forest management systems on the whole territory of the park;
  • Rehabilitate 500 ha of pastures and afforest 150 ha of eroded and non-productive lands;
  • Avert further deterioration of natural resources (biodiversity, land, forest), sequestrate the carbon and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases;
  • Promote better understanding of problems related to climate change impacts on pasture and forest ecosystems and contribute to local/regional sustainable development.

Expected Results

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  • Pasture inventory for Orhei National Park carried out;
  • Community pasture and forest management plans developed for Orhei National Park;
  • 500 ha of pastures restored and 150 ha of degraded lands afforested;
  • Monitoring system for carbon dividends and ecological integrity of the ecosystem in place and incorporated in the National Inventory Systems;
  • Greenhouse gases removals enhanced through preventing soil erosion.


Donor 2013 2014 2015 2016
European Union $69,825 $369,079 $179,320



2013 $ 69,825
2014 $ 369,079
Total Budget:
535,000 Euro
Focus Area:
Environment and Energy
Project Manager:
Alexandru Rotaru,
Ministry of Environment, Forestry Agency Moldsilva, Local Public Authorities from Orhei region, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, Farmers Associations, Agency for Land Relations and Cadastre, FAO, NGOs