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  • Moldova Energy and Biomass ProjectMoldova Energy and Biomass ProjectNov 14, 2014
    The Energy and Biomass Project aims to contribute to a more secure, competitive and sustainable energy production in the Republic of Moldova.

  • Improving Coverage and Management Effectiveness of the Protected Area System Jul 2, 2013
    The Protected Area System (PAS) aims to enhance the coverage and management effectiveness of the protected area system of Moldova by piloting - within the broader framework of the National Environmental Network - the establishment of the first National Park in Moldova, and by strengthening the capacities at the systemic, institutional and individual levels to establish and manage a representative protected area system.

  • National Biodiversity Planning National Biodiversity Planning Jun 28, 2013
    The project supports Moldova in fulfilling its obligations under the Convention for Biological Diversity. It focuses on developing strategies for the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity in line with the 2011-2020 Strategic Plan of the Convention and Aichi Targets, as well as on integration of biodiversity conservation concerns into relevant sectorial and cross-sectoral plan, programmes and policies.

  • Environmental Fiscal Reform Jul 2, 2013
    The project aims to strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Environment to improve the existing legal and regulatory framework on pollution charges system, promote eco-technologies and improved subsidies in the energy and agriculture sectors which have positive effects on the economic entities and population at large.

  • Clima East Moldova: Climate change mitigation and ecosystem-based adaptation in Orhei National ParkClima East Moldova: Climate change mitigation and ecosystem-based adaptation in Orhei National ParkSep 4, 2013
    The project is responding to the main biodiversity challenges in the Orhei National Park area (33,792 ha) and its buffer zone such as vulnerability to climate change, loss of biodiversity and forest area, deep soil erosion and landslides, pasture degradation and low grazing capacity of existing pastures.


Environmental degradation, pollution and unsustainable use of natural resources are a significant concern for Moldova’s development agenda. The economic, social and health costs of environmental degradation and deteriorated infrastructure are high, while economic growth will further increase pressure on the environment and natural resources.

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