Building Institutional Capacity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration

Project Summary

The project aims to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration (MFAEI) in the process of achieving its European Integration goals and commitments.

Project Goals:

  • Build institutional capacity of MFAEI as part of the public administration reform process;
  • Develop capacities of MFAEI and the Negotiation Team (comprising of representatives from different Moldovan public institutions) for European Integration, with immediate focus on negotiating the Association Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova and implicitly its implementation;
  • Strengthen political and operational capacity to increase the impact of Moldova’s participation in regional cooperation processes on its social and economic development;
  • Develop the capacity of the Media and Public Relations Department to better communicate internally and externally its priorities, activities and results.


  • National capacities to carry out negotiations and prepare for the implementation of the Association Agreement with EU improved as Moldovan diplomats and public servants participated in consultations and negotiations, study visits/trainings for high-priority issues, and reached out and networked with European top-level decision-makers;
  • Moldova was able to considerably move forward in key areas and better prepare for the Association Agreement negotiation and post-negotiation stage, including the DCFTA talks;
  • Wider involvement and ownership of regional cooperation, values and objectives by national institutions  brought Moldovan standards in all areas of development closer to European principles and values;
  • Key public institutions benefited from national and international technical expertise on issues related to Association Agreement and DCFTA. Significant progress has been achieved through the transposition of relevant EU norms and standards into the national legislation, in line with the requirements set forth in the Association Agreement and DCFTA.
  • The Call Center is providing consular information to Moldovan citizens in the country or abroad, and foreign citizens. Currently, the Call Center is providing information and advice to more than 35 visitors per day.


Donor 2012 2013 2014 2015 Total
Government of Norway $26,230.00 $29,083.00 $39,699.00 $465.00 $95,477.00
Government of Sweden $493,667.00 $342,691.00 $867,032.00 $64,135.00 $1,767,525.00
Government of Romania $134,134.00 $7,274.00     $141,408.00
Austrian Development Agency (ADA) $59,074.00       $59,074.00
Sida/TTF $3,119.00       $3,119.00
Total $716,224.00 $379,048 $906,731.00 64,600.00 $2,066,603.00


2015 $67,009.58
2014 $911,891.69

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