Human Rights Protection and Promotion

Project Summary

bench with red ribbonUN helps improve services for people living with or affected by HIV. Photo: UNDP

The project is a joint endeavor of the UN Country Team which aims to consolidate and support the efforts to strengthen human rights in Moldova. Its ultimate goal is to mainstream human rights in policy formulation and implementation and to enhance the capacities of state and non-state actors in the area of human rights.

Project Goals:

  • Support the efforts of the national authorities to strengthen the national system for human rights promotion and protection;
  • Help the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family in adjusting legislation and practices in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities;
  • Increase the capacities of both state and non-state actors to provide more effective HIV-related services to people living with or affected by HIV.


 trophys for the winnersUN Human Rights Gala of Awards annually recognizes outstanding achievements in the field of human rights in Moldova. Photo: Valeriu Corcimari/UN
  • State bodies and civil society organisations have better capacities in the area of human rights promotion and protection;
  • More awareness about human rights in the country, including through the organisation of the annual UN Human Rights Gala of Awards;
  • Expert support provided to the Government in order to include Universal Periodic Review (UPR) recommendations into the National Human Rights Action Plan (2011-2014);
  • Supported the Government in the amendment and implementation of the Action Plan for the Support of the Roma People in the Republic of Moldova (2011-2015);
  • Roma Community Mediators Network strengthened with the first Roma Community Mediators working in various communities;
  • The first ever comprehensive Report on Human Rights in the Transnistrian Region of the Republic of Moldova was developed and presented by UN Senior Independent Expert Thomas Hammarberg;
  • National authorities supported in advancing on the legal capacity reform in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities;
  • A pilot Ombudsperson is working in psychiatric institutions to monitor the institutions and provide legal advice and support to patients;
  • State institutions and NGOs working in the field of HIV were brought together to discuss how the law is influencing the life of people living with or affected by HIV and to set up further steps on fighting HIV in Moldova;
  • Improved legal literacy of a group of people living with HIV or affected by HIV and NGOs’ representatives in order to increase their abilities to fight for human rights and to ensure that people living with HIV are able to enjoy their rights and access to the services they need.


Donor 2012 2013
UNDP US$ 241,775 US$ 18,239
EU US$ 22,293 US$ 25,111
PRPD Disability Fund through MPTF   US$ 133,108
Government of Sweden   US$ 54,331


2012 US $ 256,072

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