Women in Politics in Moldova

Project Summary

In Moldova, women only represent 19.8% of the members of Parliament, they make up just 17.4% in district and municipal council and 28.6% in local councils, which is far below international standards and the country’s commitments under nationally and internationally agreed goals. Photo: UN Women

Boosting women’s political participation and decision-making is fundamental for democracy and essential for achieving sustainable development in Moldova. A UNDP - UN Women initiative funded by the Government of Sweden, the Women in Politics programme aims to increase the voice and the participation of women in political life in Moldova.

The project supports the increased participation of women in politics and in the decision-making process by creating an environment conducive to their meaningful participation, and capacity development of women before, during and after the elections at the central and local levels. It also promotes increased public awareness of women’s contribution to political leadership.

To achieve its goals, the project  will work with political parties, civil society organisations, mass-media and communities to foster participatory nomination of women candidates, including from marginalized groups, through encouraging their participation and developing their capacities before, during and after elections. Partnerships with media will be further expanded to achieve greater gender-sensitive reporting.

Expected Results

1. Legal frameworks and policies to advance women’s rights to participate in decision-making at national and local levels are reformed/adopted and/or implemented:

  • Capacity at national and sub-national levels to develop and implement legal frameworks and policies to advance women’s rights to participate in decision making enhanced;
  • Women’s participation in electoral processes both as candidates and voters supported;
  • Election management bodies have better capacities for gender responsive electoral management.

2. Gender equality advocates influence legal framework and policies to increase women’s leadership and political participation:

  • Increased gender responsive coverage of political issues in the media;
  • Gender equality advocates have better capacities to promote women’s leadership and political participation;
  • Capacities of elected women parliamentarians and councilors are developed to perform efficiently the elected official’s duties.


Donors 2014 2015 2016
Government of Sweden 1,089,263 USD 1,281,317 USD 564,399 USD


UNDP $ 236,873
UN Women $ 399,133
Project start date
July 2014
Estimated end date
December 2016
Geographic coverage
Republic of Moldova
Total Budget:
US$ 2.9 million
Focus area
Democratic Governance
Portfolio Manager
Alla Skvortova, alla.skvortova@undp.org
Political parties, women’s and youth’s organizations of political parties, Parliament, Central Electoral Commission, media organizations, civil society organizations, central and local public authorities, private sector
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