Strengthening National Capacities to Protect the Most Vulnerable from Torture in Moldova

Project Summary

The project aims to contribute to the prevention of torture and fighting against impunity on the whole territory of the Republic of Moldova, including Transnistrian region, especially in respect of the most vulnerable women and men with psycho-social and intellectual disabilities in mental health facilities.

Project Goals:

  • Strengthened capacities of the civil society in monitoring and reporting on governmental anti-torture processes, as well as in campaigning to combat impunity, in particular,  with regards to women and men with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities;
  • Increased protection of women and men with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities, enhanced provision with remedies against ill-treatment, and their participation supported in all matters related to torture prevention in health care facilities;
  • Enhanced effectiveness of key State bodies responsible for torture prevention, protection and redress in combating and redressing torture against women and men with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities.


  • CSOs capacities on monitoring and reporting on anti-torture related strategies, plans, application of legislation and international commitments improved;
  • Legislative framework for combating torture in respect to persons with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities strengthened;
    Torture protection and redress mechanism for persons with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities enhanced;
  • Women and men with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities mainstreamed into torture prevention work and CSOs are scrutinising the actions of the State bodies following the reports on torture;
  • Law enforcement bodies can identify, investigate and prosecute cases of torture in health care facilities and bring those responsible to justice.


Donor 2014 2015
UNDP 22,848 USD 22,848 USD
European Union 227,476 USD 180,524 USD
Total Budget:
US$ 460.137,93
Focus Area:
Democratic Governance
Project Manager:
Evghenii Golosceapov,
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the East Europe Foundation, Soros Foundation Moldova; Ministry of Justice, General Prosecutors Office, Ombudsperson Office, NPM members, civil society, victims of torture etc.
Project Document