National Biodiversity Planning

Project Summary

lake and birdsThe Natural lake Beleu is under threat due to unfolding economic activities in the “Lower Prut” Reserve. Photo: Patricia Foster-Turley & Aurel Lozan.

The project supports Moldova in fulfilling its obligations under the Convention for Biological Diversity. It  focuses on developing strategies for the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity in line with the 2011-2020 Strategic Plan of the Convention and Aichi Targets, as well as on integration of biodiversity conservation concerns into relevant sectorial and cross-sectoral plan, programmes and policies.

Project Goals:

  • Support a participatory stocktaking exercise on biodiversity planning and develop national biodiversity targets in line with the global effort of reducing biodiversity loss and increasing ecosystems resilience;
  • Update the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan to fully integrate new aspects of the Convention for Biological Diversity, such as mainstreaming, valuing ecosystem services and promoting ecosystem-based adaptation and resilience;
  • Promote the Clearing House Mechanism as a tool to increase public awareness on biodiversity conservation and improved cooperation at the global level.


flowerNational Biodiversity Strategy is creating an enabling environment for the conservation of rare, threatened and endangered species of flora and fauna in Moldova. Photo: Alexandru Teleuţă
  • The national biodiversity conservation targets developed in line with the Aichi targets  aimed at addressing the threats for biodiversity loss in the framework of the National Biodiversity Strategy and Actions Plan;
  • The economic value of biodiversity and ecosystem services assessed and linked to key sectors in order to facilitate mainstreaming of biodiversity concerns.


Donors 2012 2013
Global Environmental Facility $63,558 $156,442
UNDP $2,000  


2012 $63.532
2014 $18,418

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