Improving Coverage and Management Effectiveness of the Protected Area System

Project Summary

The Protected Area System (PAS) aims to enhance the coverage and management effectiveness of the protected area system of Moldova by piloting - within the broader framework of the National Environmental Network - the establishment of the first National Park in Moldova, and by strengthening the capacities at the systemic, institutional and individual levels to establish and manage a representative protected area system.  Thus, the GEF-funded developmental interventions will lead to creation of an enabling framework for the expansion of the protected area system to include under-represented ecosystems in Moldova.

Project Goals:

  • Develop an enabling framework for the expansion of the PAS to include under-represented ecosystems;
  • Improve representativity and coverage of the PAS;
  • Strengthen capacity to effectively manage a more representative PAS.


  • Conservation status assessed, boundaries mapped and recommendations provided for each of the protected area in the country;
  • Plan for rationalization, consolidation and expansion of the Protected Area system developed to guide the ongoing expansion of the protected area system as a part of new National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan; 
  • Support to Government in establishing the First National Park in Moldova;
  • Action plan for governance of protected area system developed and assistance provided to the Government in its implementation;
  • Standard Norms and Recommendations for the establishment and management of protected areas in Moldova and financing mechanisms developed;
  • Amendments to the protected area legislation proposed for better planning and management;
  • Operational capacity of the protected area institutions and staff strengthened;
  • Education and awareness programme carried out in the area of the first National Park.


Global Environment Facility (GEF) $950,000
Government of Moldova $1,035,670


2013 $178,953.00
2012 $167,752
2011 $304,216
2010 $237,964.00
2009 $104,460.00

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