Our Funding and Delivery

UNDP’s core financial resources come from the United Nations member-states through voluntary contributions. UNDP also mobilizes non-core resources from donors, private sector and various UNDP trust funds.

UNDP’s cooperation and partnership with the Government of Moldova, international organizations, civil society and the private sector are key to the achievement of positive development results.

Major donors to UNDP’s programme in 2016 include the European Union, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, GEF, Bulgaria, Austria, USA, Korea, Romania, Italy. Without the generous support of these and many other development partners, the results in various areas would have not been possible.

Development Contribution by Donour for Moldova, 2016

Donor Amount % of funding
EU   10,484,797.31 55.59%
Norway     2,949,715.00 15.64%
Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency     1,665,120.00 8.83%
Swiss Development Cooperation        906,774.89 4.81%
Denmark        588,995.34 3.12%
Global Environment Fund        536,428.36 2.84%
TRAC (core)        469,135.55 2.49%
Bulgaria        303,618.72 1.61%
Austria        253,178.82 1.34%
US Department of State        230,533.25 1.22%
Moldova        164,650.00 0.87%
Crisis Prevention and Recovery Thematic Trust Fund        135,000.00 0.72%
Korea          53,500.00 0.28%
Montreal Protocol          47,510.00 0.25%
UN Women          33,000.00 0.17%
Romania          23,929.00 0.13%
Italy          16,447.00 0.09%
Grand Total   18,862,333.24 100.00%

Programme Delivery

Programme Delivery 2015 19,511,602.85 USD

Programme Delivery for Moldova, Republic of

Programme Delivery 2010 Programme Delivery 2011 Programme Delivery 2012 Programme Delivery 2013 Programme Delivery 2014
$18,099,739.50 $19,961,657.87 $23,639,447.36 $24,641,167.76 $19,287,397.70
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UNDP Gender Equality Silver Seal

UNDP Moldova received Gender Equality Silver Seal, as far as contributed to gender equality national goals, in particular the office actively worked with the Ministry of Justice to enact the “Law of Ensuring Equality”, and supporting integration of the gender perspective in local development and decentralization processes in Moldova. The office has made very good progress in the development of a comprehensive management system for gender mainstreaming, in creating an enabling environment for gender equality, and the office has achieved internal parity.

The Gender Equality Seal is adapted by UNDP from the Certification programme for private and public organizations to recognize good performance of UNDP Country Offices/Units to deliver transformational gender equality results.