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Rural poverty in Moldova is 4 times higher than urban one, UNDP report

The gap between absolute urban and rural poverty is significant – 19% of population living at poverty line in rural areas vs. 5% in urban areas. The…

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UNDP rolls out climate curriculum for children across Eurasia region

UNDP has launched a climate curriculum that teaches children how to fight climate change in their everyday lives.  

EU improves health services in Varnita for the benefit of people of both banks of Nistru river

The Health Care Center from Varnita village has become more spacious as a new annex with physiotherapy wards, diagnosis rooms and family doctors’ offices was built. Now, more than 13,000 people –…  

Biofuel producers test their products in an accredited laboratory, thanks to European Union support

-- Pellet and briquette producers from the Republic of Moldova are accessing new markets due to the quality certificates issued by the only accredited laboratory in the country, that tests physical…  

EU LEADER initiative to boost rural development of Gagauzia and Taraclia

44 rural localities from ATU Gagauzia and Taraclia district signed 8 Partnership Agreements to enhance inclusive and efficient rural development of their communities. As an absolute first in Moldova,…  

Europe and Central Asia: 20 countries join forces to use innovation for public service improvements

Around 200 public sector specialists from 20 countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia gathered to discuss how to involve citizens so they can truly drive development efforts while making the…  

Telenesti town has a new multifunctional sports facility thanks to the engagement of the natives living abroad

A state-of-the-art sports facility was opened today in Telenesti town thanks to the contributions of the natives living abroad, local authorities and the Government of Switzerland. The first organised…  

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