Data Revolution Ecosystem Mapping in the Republic of Moldova

15 Jun 2016

The report includes an assessment of the availability of data and institutional modernization capacity needed to implement the development agenda post-2015. The evaluation has covered the official statistical capacity, capacity at the level of institutions (the regulatory and policy framework on data, human, information and financial logistics resources), premises and obstacles for multi-stakeholder engagement on data for implementation and monitoring of the SDGs, the role of innovation and new technologies, the infrastructure requirements for improved collection, dissemination and use of data, and efforts to support the creation of a national legislative framework for monitoring and accountability of development delivery.

This report displays the results of the evaluation expressing, on the one hand, an overview of the situation at the national level of strategic documents and the relationship thereof with the SDGs, the data model ecosystem applied in Moldova for public policy decision-making, progress on society development and monitoring by statistical indicators, existing legal provisions and processes for monitoring and reporting, the spectrum of stakeholders, current relations and procedures in the Republic of Moldova on data production and use and recommends, on the other hand, future actions at the national level for achieving data revolution.

Document has been produced in the framework of a global initiative undertaken in Moldova and other 7 different countries for mapping / inventory of the data system in the country, required for measuring the sustainable development progress.

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