Millenium Development Goals

  • MDG ReportMDG ReportOct 8, 2010

  • First National MDG ReportFirst National MDG ReportJun 29, 2005

  • Third MDG ReportThird MDG ReportSep 24, 2013The Third National Report on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) presents the progress made by Moldova in achieving the eight Millennium Development Goals during 2010-2013 and identifies issues faced by the country two years before the deadline set for achievement of the objectives.

  • Post2015Post2015Sep 24, 2013The report summarizes the results of the consultations about the future people of Moldova want after 2015, when the Millennium Development Goals expire, presenting the real picture of the current concerns and future aspirations of the country.

Our Work - Millennium Development Goals

The Republic of Moldova adopted the Millennium Declaration at the Millennium Summit in New York in 2000, which brought together 189 nations, committing itself to achieving eight development goals which range from halving extreme poverty to halting the spread of HIV/AIDS and providing universal primary education, all by the target date of 2015.