EU-Moldova Actions Plan and the Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper: Comparative analysis

20 May 2005

The Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (EGPRSP) and the EU-Moldova Action Plan are now, probably, the main strategic planning documents in the country. They are referred to in election platforms of political parties, they are discussed in the meetings of IFI with country’s Government, Parliament, they will guide country’s development for the nearest future. Given the existence of these two documents a number of questions was raised by the donors community.


The purpose of these short analysis is to make a comparative analysis of the two documents and advise UNDP on:


- the similarities and synergies between the two documents: to what extent the EU-Moldova Action Plan and the EGPRSP cover the same national development priorities (and sectoral priorities); does the Plan draw on the analytical material of the EGPRS and shares the same objectives?


- Compare the institutional frameworks of the Plan and of EGPRS; to what extent they work with the same state institutions, apply similar monitoring and reporting mechanisms, could one institutional set-up serve the two documents?

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