Human Development

  • Nov 20, 2014National Human Development Report 2014The 2014 NHDR highlights the role of the private sector in Moldova’s human development. It reveals that a strong private sector is key to the country’s sustainable human development and that companies are able to thrive only in a society that enjoys welfare.

  • National Human Development Report 2010/2011Apr 28, 2011National Human Development Report 2010/2011The 2010/2011 National Human Development Report “Republic of Moldova – from Social Exclusion towards Inclusive Human Development” addresses the roots of social exclusion, identifies socially excluded and vulnerable groups and provides specific recommendations on how to eliminate barriers to social inclusion for all.

  • National Human Development Report 2009/2010Dec 8, 2009National Human Development Report 2009/2010The 2009/2010 National Human Development Report, which marks the 15th anniversary of NHDRs in Moldova, provides a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the strong influence of climate variability and climate change, and extreme weather events on areas vital to human development in Moldova: water resources, ecosystems, agriculture and energy, transport infrastructure and health.

  • National Human Development Report 2006Nov 9, 2006National Human Development Report 2006The 2006 National Human Development Report "Quality of Economic Growth and its Impact on Human Development" analyzes various aspects of economic growth in the Republic of Moldova and identifies its linkages with human development. Furthermore, the Report explains the role of good governance for the consolidation of the economic growth and human development and identifies the links between the human development and international competitiveness of the country.

  • National Human Development Report 2003Sep 10, 2003National Human Development Report 2003The 2003 National Human Development Report "Good Governance and Human Development" looks at ways of improving governance, seen as enhancing not only the institutional capacity of the state to design and implement more sustainable human development policies but also as strengthening the role of civil society in human development.

Our Work - National Human Development Reports

National Human Development Reports is a flagship publication and a major policy advice tool of UNDP worldwide. These Reports are prepared and owned by national teams and provide timely and well-researched analysis of the many dimensions of development, thus provoking greater public dialogue on priority issues of the country.