Analytical Note based on official statistics: water supply systems and sanitation in territorial perspective

15 Apr 2015


The available water resources are key element for economic development. The contribution of services of water supply and sewerage development is much broader than their impact on household welfare. Given that agriculture continues to contribute significantly to the GDP of the country (12.34% in 2013), while being enormously dependent on water availability, regional disparities in access to water determines differences in the development of agricultural activity.


In Moldova there is an uneven concentration of economic potential at the local level, which causes major differences in living standards between urban and rural areas within the regions.

This analytical note aims to increase the understanding and use of statistical data disaggregated at the level of regions, statistical regions and districts. The analysis is operating with statistics provided by several state institutions such as the National Bureau of Statistics, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Transport and Roads Infrastructure, Centre for state information resources, Agency “Apele Moldovei” and other institutions.

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