Analytical Brief 10 - How Much Time Do Moldovans Spend Travelling?

09 Jun 2014


The importance of travelling inside and outside the country is critical since it ensures the mobility of the population and labour force. Basically, the connection of population from nearby villages and not only, as well as other regional economic centres is an important precondition for the facilitation of economic and social integration of people all over the country. This is even more relevant for the Republic of Moldova, where, due to severe fragmentation of localities, a significant share of population has to travel forth and back within the settlement, or to another town or village, for work or shopping. Moreover, the high demand for travelling is also explained by the number of our co-citizens working in other countries. In order to find answers to these questions, we will use the results of the Time Use Survey, carried out by the National Bureau of Statistics. In this analytical note, we will study:

  • How much time do Moldovans allocate to travelling and for what purposes they practice it, compared to other countries?
  • How Much Time Do Moldovans Spend Travelling?
  • What are the differences between men and women in terms of time allocated to travelling?
  • What means of transport do men and women prefer?
  • How much time do people in villages and towns allocate to travelling?

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