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Closer to home: 14 localities call for migrants’ contribution to local development

Natives from 14 communities are invited by local authorities and hometown associations to donate for local development projects.  

Innovative irrigation systems boost productivity of Moldovan orchards

Two Moldovan orchards use innovative and modern irrigation systems, installed with the support of the Government of Romania, provided via a project implemented by the UNDP.  

In “the biggest village in Europe”: a single mother develops a profitable business from ethno-tourism

Ana Statova, a single mother of two, has recently become a local celebrity in the Gagauzia region of Moldova. News about the traditional touristic complex „Gagauz Sofrasi” built in the village of…  

Moldovan experience of confidence building between the two banks of Nistru river, in sight of EaP Series

The European Neighbourhood Council (ENV), a Brussels based think tank, organized debates dedicate to the role of cooperation in the field of protracted conflicts from Georgia and Moldova.  

Meet Pluk-O-Trak — the new innovative friend of Moldovan apple pickers

Mihai Chilianu is manager at a top Moldovan fruit production company. For some time now, he was dreaming to acquire an innovative semi-automated fruit harvesting machine. In August 2017, the company…  

Young women and youth from villages are the most discouraged on the labor market, study

The inequalities existing on the labor market in the Republic of Moldova are also reflected in youth case, as young women and youth from villages are found to be the most discouraged. When turning 19…  

Youth on the labour market in the Republic of Moldova: competences and aspirations

The Study "Youth on the labour market in the Republic of Moldova: competences and aspirations", developed by the Skills Observatory focused on Youth with the support of UNDP Moldova, represents a…  

Autonomous integrated irrigation systems based on wind turbines, small hydro and photovoltaic installations

The project aims at introducing to the Moldovan agricultural producers an innovative technology on autonomous irrigation systems based on non-traditional energy source, demonstrating good practices…  

After 15 years Zaim Community Centre was reopened thanks to the migrants’ involvement

The Community Centre of Zaim has been reopened today. It hosts a fanfare band, a choir, a dance studio, a gym and a library. Thanks to contributions received from the natives, local authorities and…  

A modern wastewater system and a cleaner environment for Copceac residents, thanks to European investments

Starting from today, the residents of Copceac village, Ceadir-Lunga district, have access to a modern wastewater treatment plant and a new sewerage system thanks to the joint effort of several…  

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