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National Youth Forum on Elections — from competition to cooperation

Even if they have different views on politics and, during election campaigns, they are opponents in the big race for power, the National Youth Forum on Elections gathered them together and from…  

The European Union has financed the renovation of the chess schools from Ribnita and Rezina

Children from Ribnita and Rezina develop their analytical thinking in chess schools, renovated by the European Union. Both institutions were modernized as part of the “Chess without Borders”…  

A modern Sports Complex opens in Serpeni with EU support

One of the most modern sports complexes in the country was inaugurated in Serpeni village, Anenii Noi district. The facility will host regional competitions and was built with EU support in the…  

Making the most of emigration

When I first arrived in Moldova, I was surprised to learn that a quarter of its population lives abroad either temporarily or permanently.  

Democracy starts at school

The watercolor’ scent floats in the air, the brushes are running diligently, the pencils and rubbers are at hand. Children, committed, are drawing their hopes on paper. Even if they don’t yet have the…  

Closing the gap between schools and industry needs in Moldova

TwentyTu, a pioneering educational programme, will deliver online and offline courses in more than 10 fields identified as crucial for future economic growth and jobs creation, including robotics,…  

Best youth eco innovations were awarded at national level

… an old parabolic antenna, a printer or CDs, transformed in equipment which produce green energy  

Children from both banks of the Nistru River proved their performance at Football Festival “TOGETHER we are a team!”

Over one hundred children from eight communities from both banks of the Nistru River took part in the Football Festival “TOGETHER we are a team” during 12-13 May 2018. The event was organized at the…  

The civil society and CEC generate innovative ideas for civic education campaigns

Are you tired of uninspired slogans and boring leaflets that urge you to vote? Civic education and electoral information can be innovative, “cool” and understandable.  

We know how to solve RUBIK’S CUBE

Got education, have a dream but less practical experience? We will guide you to find the philosopher's stone that turns graduates into experienced employees!  

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