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Parliamentary oversight in the Republic of Moldova

As a first step towards enhanced oversight, a solid baseline study is of high importance. The current report provides this baseline information, analysing six areas: committee oversight; oversight of…  

“There are simply no jobs that a woman cannot do”

"I’ve been a Member of Parliament for three years. I work on national security, defence and internal affairs, all very traditionally masculine domains".  

9 MPs join GOPAC Moldova National Bureau

The Moldova National Bureau of the Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC), created with the support of UNDP Moldova, has doubled its membership. The board of the group…  

Strengthening Parliamentary Oversight, discussed in the Moldovan Parliament

Parliamentarians, civil society representatives, public servants and local and international experts discussed best practices in parliamentary oversight in Chisinau and recommendations on…  

First time in Moldova: internships in Parliament for staff members of the People's Assembly of Gagauzia

A first time in the Parliament of Moldova – staff members from the Secretariat of the People's Assembly of Gagauzia participated in an internship program in the Moldovan Legislature.  

A new tool for parliamentary journalists

Parliamentary reporters will have a useful tool for navigating the working procedures and sources of information in the Parliament of Moldova. A Guide for Parliamentary Journalists was published on…  

Parliamentarians need to step up efforts to hold governments accountable

The new report focuses on oversight and parliament’s power to hold government to account and calls for a renewed emphasis on parliamentary oversight by Members of Parliaments, governments and…  

Children and women from vulnerable groups visit Parliament on the International Democracy Day

More than 100 children and women from all regions of Moldova came to visit the Parliament on the occasion of the International Day of Democracy. The event was organized by the Parliament's territorial…  

Understand Your Parliament - three videos explaining Parliament’s work launched in Moldova, with the support of UNDP

How does the Parliament work? How are laws adopted and how can people get involved in discussing and consulting legislative acts? In order to answer these questions and provide people with firsthand…  

Towards a gender-balanced Parliament

In a world where notions like gender equality are being used that often, why don’t we have a Parliament with as many women MPs as men?  

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