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Democracy starts at school

The watercolor’ scent floats in the air, the brushes are running diligently, the pencils and rubbers are at hand. Children, committed, are drawing their hopes on paper. Even if they don’t yet have the…  

Electoral information without barriers

All people have equal electoral rights, but do they all equally benefit from them? It happens that some people, either because of a disability or other kind of vulnerability, are not sufficiently…  

The Moldovan Diaspora — more informed about parliamentary elections

For the people who were on the platform of the Chisinau Railways station on May 11th, their departure was unusual. After they have rummaged their luggages from top to bottom, to be sure that they…  

The civil society and CEC generate innovative ideas for civic education campaigns

Are you tired of uninspired slogans and boring leaflets that urge you to vote? Civic education and electoral information can be innovative, “cool” and understandable.  

Involving young people in politics, from virtual to real

During the 2016 presidential elections one out of ten voters was a young person aged 18–25 years. Same low participation rate of young people in elections can be observed in other EU countries and…  

The British Embassy in Chisinau joins the project on enhancing the transparency and inclusiveness of the electoral process in Moldova

The British Embassy in Chisinau joins the UNDP project “Enhancing democracy in the Republic of Moldova through inclusive and transparent elections” (EDMITE) that was launched in autumn this year.  

The Guide „Preventing Violence against Women in Elections”

The Guide „Preventing Violence against Women in Elections” seeks to provide assistance to those working to increase the participation of women in electoral processes and mitigate the prevalence of…  

20 young persons participated in the electoral week-end school

20 young persons, civic activists and members of political parties’ youth organizations have participated in the electoral week-end school that took place during 20-23 October and 3-5 November 2017.  

MConnect Platform – quick, simple and free access to public services

As of 2014, the Electronic Governance Centre is piloting the data exchange and interoperability platform MConnect, as a technical solution that ensures the exchange of data between information systems…  

Enhancing democracy in Moldova through inclusive and transparent elections

The long-standing partnership between the Central Electoral Commission and UNDP resulted in the establishment of a strong professional institution, able to provide transparent and inclusive democratic…  

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