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UNDP awarded the best journalist investigations related to corruption in 2017

The authors of the best 9 journalist investigations related to corruption were awarded today by UNDP Moldova in the context of observing the International Anticorruption Day of 9 December.  

The winners of the fourth edition of the drawings’ contest “Talent does not take bribes. Integrity in images” were nominated

In the framework of the XIII-the edition of the National Anticorruption Conference, 14 young boys and girls were designated today as winners of the contest “Talent does not take bribes. Integrity in…  

How is the public money spent in Moldova through public procurement? Openmoney.md knows everything

How is public money spent and who are the real beneficiaries of the contracts attributed by state institutions? Now you can find the answers to these questions right away: by accessing…  

GOPAC Moldova’s statement against corruption backed by half of Moldovan parliamentarians

Over half of Moldovan parliamentarians joined an anti-corruption appeal made by GOPAC Moldova in today’s plenary session of Parliament.  

“Integrity is Freedom” campaign encourages citizens to show zero tolerance towards corruption

The National Anti-corruption Centre of the Republic of Moldova (NAC), with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Government of Norway, launches the national…  

Fast, comfortable and efficient - Welcome to Palanca border crossing point

A new jointly operated border crossing point will be built with European Union's support in the village of Palanca, at south-eastern border of Moldova, at about 150 kilometers away from Chisinau.  

How do we curb corruption in Moldova after the “theft of the century”

After the "theft of the century", when one billion USD – the equivalent of 12% of Moldova’s GDP, has vanished without any trace, corruption became an emergency condition in the former soviet republic.…  

UNDP launches, for the second year in a row, a contest for the best journalistic investigations on corruption issues

UNDP Moldova launches, for the second year in a row, a contest for the best journalistic investigations on corruption issues, opened for all journalists from national and local written press, online…  

Where it comes from and what are the costs of corruption in the municipality of Chisinau?

The corruption risks for the Chisinau city hall services are estimated to 117.7 million lei annually. Only for the issuance of permits in the field of construction, advertising and trade, the informal…  

In Moldova, we can make investigative journalism great again. Here's how.

Corruption offences often remain unexposed; investigative journalists often put themselves at high risk to shed light on these crimes.  

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