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Support to the Security Sector Reform in the Republic of Moldova

The Security Sector Reform (SSR) aims to create a secure environment that is conducive to development, poverty reduction, good governance and rule of law.  

European support: the new border crossing point in Palanca will be launched into operation by the end of 2018

Palanca State Border Crossing Point, jointly administrated by the authorities of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, is being built from the ground up with the support provided by the European Union.…  

We know how to solve RUBIK’S CUBE

Got education, have a dream but less practical experience? We will guide you to find the philosopher's stone that turns graduates into experienced employees!  

UNDP, Moldovan government boost access to life-saving medicines for vulnerable groups

More vulnerable persons benefit from life-saving medicines of high quality free of charge, as a result of an agreement signed in January 2017, under which the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social…  

Competences of the Forensic and Judicial Expertise Centre of GPI are recognized at international level

Today, 22 March 2018, the Forensic and Judicial Expertise Centre of the General Police Inspectorate (GPI) has been accredited by the National Centre for Accreditation “MOLDAC” in line with the…  

Why are young people in Moldova struggling with unemployment?

In Moldova, about 30 percent of young people are either unemployed or not enrolled in any formal training. This is an alarmingly high figure, indicating that so much of our country’s potential is…  

UN Moldova is launching the first national dialogue with the private sector to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Development partners and the private sector in Moldova are joining efforts to address society’s current challenges. On 20 March 2018, the first dialogue on the cooperation and contribution of the…  

Rational, efficient and well organized: New system of addresses in Moldova

Did you know that all local parks, markets, authorized parking places, petrol stations, cafés or supermarkets located on the national and local roads of Moldova do not have an address?  

EU support: a young man from Tiraspol produces unusual chargers for mobile telephones

A charger for mobile telephones can also be an element of decoration, if produced in the workshop owned by Ivan Hodacovschi, a young man from Tiraspol, who could start up his business owing to an…  

The National Chamber of Social Insurance launches the prototype tool designed for the evaluation of its public services

Throughout a period of three months, citizens of Moldova will have the opportunity to contribute with feedback and recommendations regarding the quality of public services provided by the National…  

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