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How did we succeed to “wake up” the South of Moldova?

Two years ago we at UNDP embarked on a journey to revitalize Moldova’s South, known administratively as ATU Gagauzia and Taraclia district . And this was a real challenge, considering the…  

Better services for foreigners who choose Moldova

While many Moldovans are leaving abroad to create a better life, hundreds of foreigners choose to work in our country or to get settled here after marrying Moldovan citizens.  

EU LEADER rural development initiative brings promising results in ATU Gagauzia and Taraclia district

78 projects will boost local rural development in ATU Gagauzia, Taraclia and in neighboring districts. The projects are supported by the European Union in the framework of LEADER initiative. The Local…  

Fairytales and legends from both banks of Nistru River, in one book

Have you heard of Stima Nistrului, or a love story of Laur and Teia, or the legend about the origins of Tirnauca village? Twenty fairytales and legends collected in the communities of Holercani, a…  

UNDP again ranked as one of world’s most transparent development aid organisations

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) remains one of the most transparent development organisations in the world, according to a new index rating similar organisations across the world.  

Making the most of emigration

When I first arrived in Moldova, I was surprised to learn that a quarter of its population lives abroad either temporarily or permanently.  

National Integrity and Anti-corruption Srategy Impact Monitoring Survey

This report serves as a tool to assess the impact of the National Integrity and Anti-corruption Strategy (NIAS) 2017-2020. The mentioned report includes the results of the baseline study that will…  

405 million lei in 12 months: this is the estimated volume of bribes, according to a UNDP research

Corruption is qualified as a very serious issue by every third citizen and one third of businesses. Every second person considers that there is no public institution in the Republic of Moldova that is…  

Democracy starts at school

The watercolor’ scent floats in the air, the brushes are running diligently, the pencils and rubbers are at hand. Children, committed, are drawing their hopes on paper. Even if they don’t yet have the…  

Hand in hand: four inter-municipal cooperation projects will bring benefits for 60,000 locals

Local authorities and migrants from 13 localities joined their efforts to implement four innovative inter-municipal projects. The Swiss Government provides grants for local sustainable development by…  

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