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Chisinau paves the way towards innovative and green urban development

Chisinau hosts during 27-29 March 2019 a regional event on designing and testing urban experiments to address complex issues faced by municipalities from Moldova, Serbia, Macedonia and Armenia. The…  

City mayors team up to boost solar energy projects in their countries

Mayors from eight countries team up to boost urban solar energy projects and citizens involvement in the transition to green energy, part of an initiative launched by UNDP Moldova. They signed the…  

UNDP Moldova pilots blockchain for effective management of its car fleet system

We at UNDP Moldova were thrilled by the intense deliberation around blockchain technology, so as its uptake, that we could not just sit and observe on the side-line. We believe blockchain can…  

UNDP supports innovative education in Moldova

Simpals and Codifun companies won the competition of innovative projects launched by the National Association of Information Technology and Communication Companies (ATIC) and UNDP Moldova. The…  

UNDP becomes the strategic partner of TwentyTu

The United Nations Development Programme becomes the strategic partner of the TwentyTu project by signing a grant contract in the amount of USD 60,000 to create an online learning platform for pupils…  

UNDP again ranked as one of world’s most transparent development aid organisations

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) remains one of the most transparent development organisations in the world, according to a new index rating similar organisations across the world.  

Closing the gap between schools and industry needs in Moldova

TwentyTu, a pioneering educational programme, will deliver online and offline courses in more than 10 fields identified as crucial for future economic growth and jobs creation, including robotics,…  

UNDP, solar currency exchange to power up Moldovan university

The UN Development Programme (UNDP) is teaming up with Sun Exchange – a marketplace that finances solar power with cryptocurrency – to help one of Moldova’s largest universities go solar.  

Here comes the sun… to relieve you from the burden of electricity bills

A landlocked, fairly picturesque and wine-friendly country, Moldova has another ace in her sleeve for visitors and locals: 2,400 annual hours of warm, gentle sun.  

We know how to solve RUBIK’S CUBE

Got education, have a dream but less practical experience? We will guide you to find the philosopher's stone that turns graduates into experienced employees!  

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