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Bond for rural Moldova move people forward

Pots and jugs from black clay, pies and cabbage rolls, age-old forests, lakes in the woods, and ... enthusiastic people - these are the treasures hidden in several localities in the center of Moldova.…  

Putting people at the center of job search: How jobseekers in Moldova get the lead out

While in Moldova the unemployment rate is of 3%, according to official data (National Bureau of Statistics, 2018), uncertainty gains ground on the labor market. When turning 19 years old, most of…  

Easter – a good start to grow home

Aunty Anuţa is the one that receives every time visitors or tourists who come to the village of Selemet, Cimişlia district. She shows them the towels and handmade carpets, serves them with sweet-sour…  

Moldovan snails — Western delicacies

The story of the snail farm in Peresecina begins on the day when the farm owner, Vilen Cebotari, received a present from France — a plate of frozen snails. He tried them and it struck him — if this…  

UNDP Moldova selects partner communities and Hometown Associations to contribute to local development

UNDP Moldova launches a competition of preselection of 35 communities that will be the beneficiaries of the second phase of “Migration and Local Development” project, financed by Government of…  

Martishor from home

The first day of spring was celebrated in two villages from Moldova – Chiscareni, Singerei district and Pelinia, Drochia district – by organizing traditional workshops called “Șezătoare”. Local…  

Victor Izbas, UNDP intern: "The mission of my life is to break down stereotypes"

Victor Izbas is 24 years old and has been an intern for two months at UNDP, as part of a wider UN Programme for increasing accessibility and diversity in the institution.  

Migration on the radar of Moldovan town halls

Persons responsible for migration at town halls-level bridge persons born in a certain community.  

How a social project helps young people with disabilities to have a better life

In 2016, Keystone Moldova received the United Nations Human Rights Award for its outstanding support in developing community services for people with intellectual and psycho-social disabilities.  

The only “Made in Moldova” tractors are assembled in Tomai

The only local enterprise that assembles “Made in Moldova” tractors is located in the southern part of the country, in Tomai village, ATU Gagauzia.  

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